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Altran News - North America

Welcome to our latest global design-led engineering press releases, news, interviews, and related industry stories for Altran North America.

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How DataOps helps organisations make better decisions

Jitendra Thethi, assistant vice-president of technology at Altran, points out that data scientists and data managers can learn a lot from DevOps by moving to a model-driven approach for data governance, data ingestion and data analysis.

Deeper into DataOps: Altran, Moogsoft & Puppet

“The fact is, DevOps enables developers and operation teams to be efficient in managing the software lifecycle by using automation – this is valuable for DataOps,” said Jitendra Thethi, AVP of Technology at Altran.

Why the mobile edge needs open source to overcome its pitfalls

“A way of meeting both developers’ needs and addressing the challenges faced by operators is Open Source. Why? It has matured over the years and is now seeing greater adoption,” writes Shamik Mishra, AVP – Technology at Altran.