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Altran News - North America

Welcome to our latest global design-led engineering press releases, news, interviews, and related industry stories for Altran North America.

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Microsoft Developer Conference Shows Where Cloud Opportunity is Headed

“This is a strategic move for Microsoft as it tries to attract more developers into Azure by making it a seamless experience,” Naveen Kumar, VP, Head of Innovation Center at global engineering consulting firm Altran said.

How Operators Can Gain an Edge with Mobile Edge Computing

“The Internet of Things (IoT) opened the door for organizations to collect, analyze and leverage data from a seemingly unlimited array of connected assets, enabling the creation of new products and services,” writes Shamik Mishra, AVP – Technology at Altran.

Cyber pirates terrorising the high seas

“Many organisations still view cyber security as a cost rather than an enabler to their business. Any investments in cyber-security programmes tend to be reactive,” says a senior cybersecurity executive at Altran.