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Altran North America News


Altran Reaches a New Milestone in Its Development by Becoming Part of Capgemini Group

A new chapter thus begins for the development of Altran, more than 35 years after its creation.

Renesas and Altran Team to Deploy First Social Distancing Wristwatch that uses Ultra-Wideband Chipset with Low Rate Pulse

Renesas and Altran today announced that they have co-developed a wearable solution for social distancing based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. This is the first wearable platform for social distancing based on Renesas SynergyTM MCUs and ultra-low power ultra-wide band (UWB)/low-rate pulse technology.

How coding is helping save lives during the pandemic

Assistant vice president at Altran, Mark Ritzmann, tells HT World: “In March when we first started looking at the problem, I was in New York and I was very affected by things that we were seeing; the hospitals were overrun and medical tents were being set up in Central Park.”

Why 5G can’t come soon enough for many operators

Sudeepta Ray, VP of Technology, argues that the sheer volume of 5G-based applications and devices will require a new strategy for data centers. Automated orchestration will become all but essential for operators to reap the benefits of real-time feedback. In addition, “operators are going to have to keep refining their security solutions if they want to monetize 5G quickly.

How operators can prepare for a post-pandemic

Dietmar Wendt, president of our Communications & Technology Systems business, argues that the opportunity and challenge operators face is how to prioritize and align their network investments to take advantage of the rapid innovation occurring in 5G while maintaining their transformation schedule.

AEWIN Collaborates with Altran to Enable Enterprise uCPE Solutions for SD-WAN

AEWIN today announced that it has collaborated with Altran, part of Capgemini to enable SD-WAN functionality on uCPE platforms for companies of all sizes.

Fuel IoT growth with 5G and Wi-Fi 6

An article by Ben Pietrabella, VP of Americas Network Equipment Providers, and R. Ezhirpavai, VP of Technology argues in favor of hybrid networks. “Organizations such as Altran have been exploring how to integrate both Wi-Fi and 5G management stacks into a single integrated and interoperable solution by leveraging Wi-Fi gateways, 5G cores and using subscriber management.”

Driven by Humans

Is artificial intelligence the future or our present? Matt Jones, Data Science Strategist at Tessella, part of Altran, speaks to Digital Bulletin about data bias and governance, the challenge of using AI at scale and its role as a digital accelerator.

How to secure your devices

Strong encryption is critical to securing communication between devices, says Jerry Nicolas Ponvelil, director of technology at Altran. Data at rest and in transit should be secured using cryptographic algorithms. This includes the use of key lifecycle management.