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Capgemini and Altran create a global digital transformation leader for industrial and tech companies

Capgemini and Altran Technologies, the global leader in Engineering and R&D services, announce they have entered into an agreement for exclusive negotiations whereby Capgemini is to acquire Altran.

Altran Joins Red Hat Apex Partner Program

Partnership will enable Altran to bring its virtualization and cloud expertise to more network operators and other large enterprises.

5G Network Automation

“5G is finally here. Well, almost. After all the hype, operators are slowly but surely deploying the technology. And they are turning to automation to address the demands placed on the network from the explosive growth of data and devices,” writes Shamik Mishra, Chief Industry Architect for Communications.

How to Explain Multi-Cloud in Plain English

"Organizations can decentralize operations and let the local teams decide the best option for the workloads. Multi-cloud strategy originates from enterprises’ urge to de-risk their investments,” writes Raghu Kishore Vempati, Principal Systems Engineer.

Altran opens advanced networking center in US to help clients accelerate transition to 5G

PARIS/NEW-YORK - October 2nd, 2019 - Altran, the global leader in engineering and R&D services, today announced a major initiative in advanced networking capabilities to help clients accelerate their journey to 5G and virtualization.

Is Data Safer in the Cloud? Or is it Better Stored on Premises? Seconds Out...

Nilanjan Samajdar, likened the cloud vs on-premise question to Brexit, something that is rather divisive. On one end of the spectrum enterprises would just love to move to the cloud to save costs, and on the other, regulatory compliances and the risk of a data-breach worry many IT teams, especially after regulations like GDPR were introduced.

Blockchain: A Friend to Digital Continuity and Lightweight Workflow Tool

“Blockchain, also, is a much more natural fit in - not in terms of total disruption of something - but as an alternative lightweight approach to workflow,” explained Walid Negm, group chief innovation officer at Altran. “You really have to see a use case before a technology, rather than a technology before a use case,” added Jitendra Thethi, AVP - Technology.

Private 5G Networks: Are They the Right Choice for You?

R. Ezhirpavai says, “As far as industry sectors are concerned, large enterprises will pioneer private 5G networks as they have the budget and resources. Entertainment, sports, defence, oil rigs, mines and the aerospace industry will opt for private 5G networks.”

Enterprises and Industry 4.0: A Love-Hate Story With 5G

“Look beyond the glitz 5G advertising – and the technology does play a major role transforming the future of business. 5G dovetails 4G with a significant technological improvement for enterprises: industry 4.0 (I4.0),” writes R. Ezhirpavai, VP Technology at Altran.