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Product Support

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Product Support

Support is an integral component of all Aricent software solutions licensed by customers. With every Aricent offering you get a package of support deliverables designed to ensure that your investment is fully protected.

At Aricent we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality support and technical assistance. We offer various support options for customers to choose from, comprising of the Warranty Support, Standard Support Plan and Flexible Support Plan. We also provide a single point-of-contact to coordinate all post-sales deliverables and to champion the customer's cause as a representative of the customer's own organization inside Aricent.

Warranty Support

Warranty support service is provided to all customers for a fixed duration, once the software is purchased or licensed. The duration of warranty are as per the contract signed between the customer and Aricent. By default, warranty starts on the day the product has been delivered to the customer.

The default Aricent warranty includes all deliverables under the Standard Support Plan during the warranty period. However, warranty support is customized keeping in mind the customer's specific requirements and is specified in the contract or in a separate instrument for this purpose.

Post warranty support is specified in the annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Product Support

Product Support

Standard Support Plan

The Standard Support Plan can be availed by all Aricent customers. Support services under the Standard Support Plan are available to the customer from 9am-6pm on all Aricent (India) working days.

The Standard Support Plan includes the following deliverables:

  • Help Desk Support through Customer Assistance Center
  • Logging of customer issues through telephone, fax, e-mail or web
  • Internal tracking of the issue from entry to closure
  • Informing the status of the issue, regularly to the customer

Problem Resolution

  • Supply Customer with suitable resolution for the earlier reported problems for the system, within the given timeframe
  • Software Patch
  • Explanation
  • Information/Guidelines etc.

Eligibility of Upgrade Releases

Deliver all applicable upgrades of the product to the customer proactively, released during the AMC period, as and when available from Aricent.

Information Services (tech bulletins, info etc)

Supply updated manuals and user guides as print documents or electronic files from time to time, as available.

Product Support

Flexible Support Plan

The Flexible Support Plan (FSP) offers customers the option of creating their own support package according to their unique requirements, priorities and budgets. Each individual support deliverable is treated as a separate component that can be included in a customized offering. All the details are specified in the Support Agreement with the customer.