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Commitment to Quality

Rigorous standards, certified best practices and a steadfast commitment to excellence guide every project Altran​ takes on.

Altran has received accreditation on international quality and process models, including ISO 9001 (2008), TL9000, and CMMI Level 5 (ver 1.3). In addition, Altran is certified to Information Security standards like ISO 27001, which guides our policies and procedures for protecting Altran’s own software enablers, as well as clients’ software enablers. Altran has also received accreditation for meeting the requirements of Environmental Management Systems like ISO 14001 and British Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management system.



Our engineering practices help Altran deliver high-quality software to our clients, and consistently earn their trust.

We measure the satisfaction levels of clients every year and we have seen a significant improvement in the scores, year on year for the last five years. We have an unwavering commitment to improve the learning and education opportunities of our employees.

Altran​ has achieved the coveted Registered Education Provider (REP) status from the Project Management Institute, and a suite of more than 15 project management programs have been approved under PMI’s stringent standards.

Altran Quality Assurance

Our quality processes are derived from industry best practices as well as from our experience, and have been assessed multiple times by external accredited agencies.

Internationally Recognized

We have consistently demonstrated thought leadership in high-quality engineering processes by regularly presenting papers and best practices at international conferences like the Quest Forum Best Practices Conference (Austin in 2008, Beijing in 2010, Shenzen in 2012, New Delhi in 2012), SEPG Europe Conference (Vienna in 2010), and International Software Testing Conference (Bangalore in 2013). 

Altran Quality Assurance

Altran Quality Assurance


Our engineers have a wide array of capabilities to apply statistics for quantitative analysis and predictions during software development, from specifications through to code, QA, launch and support. These capabilities include:

  • Process Performance Modeling (PPM) using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Test end-date prediction using exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) techniques
  • Rayleigh defect prediction model
  • Gompertz and NHPP model for reliability estimation and defect prediction
  • Health index for maintenance projects
  • Control charts
  • 2×2 matrix for inspection process control
  • Risk management