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5G Lab As a Service

The next wave of network technology evolution required by the introduction of 5G will generate complex technology ecosystems with substantial open questions about the ROI and on how to achieve the monetization of the required relevant investments.

The Altran 5G Lab with it's managed services will help accelerate time-to-market for new products and service roll outs, improve cost profiles for projects and operational readiness with access for:

  • Complex and capital-intensive Telco virtualized platform components
  • Next generation applications that leverage 5G and Edge Compute solutions
  • Highly experienced and qualified network engineers, operations consultants, software application, infrastructure developers, test and integration personnel dedicated to your project
  • Modular & scalable Pay As You Use virtualized infrastructure, software applications and operations systems configured for specific use cases and project goals.


For more on Altran Lab please download our complete brochure:


You can work with a company built for now, or you can with one engineering the virtual networking software of tomorrow.