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Blockchain Enabled Enterprise Platooning Service (Beeps)

Advances in technologies like 5G, Edge, AI, V2X are making a significant contribution to the evolution of autonomous vehicles. This will give rise to a new wave of mobility services that will bring convenience and substantial improvement of efficiencies, especially when autonomous vehicle movement is coordinated for optimization at a group level.

Truck Platooning is a use case that will benefit significantly from such technologies. An holistic solution for platooning demands not only connectivity and autonomy but also an ad-hoc commerce solution that enables transactions and exchange of value in real time. Blockchain Enabled Enterprise Platooning Service (BEEPS) is a platform developed by Altran to provide commerce capabilities for a Platooning solution.

It enables vehicles to discover and join nearby platoons. It allows anonymized value exchange between platoon members to share the fuel savings using cryptocurrencies (platooning coin). BEEPS is built on top of the Altran Blockchain Enabled Application Development System (BEADS) platform.

Altran teams provide unrivaled expertise around Logistics and Manufacturing and accompany its clients to develop their solutions to adapt to current trends such as digitalization, autonomous trucks, electrification/alternative drive or new logistics. Altran can propose a customized BEEPS platform to provide commerce capabilities for a high value platooning solution. Download this brochure to learn more.

You can work with a company built for now, or you can with one engineering the virtual networking software of tomorrow.