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Compute Acceleration on Network Edge: Project Adrenaline

Edge computing functions require hardware accelerators like FPGAs or GPUs to support fast operations like localized low-latency decisions, security & retaining data, power and energy optimization. In addition, edge computing running on providers’ networks is also expected to host VNFs and containerized NFs for wireless, fixed and cable networks.

What are the frameworks that are available to help application developers to create performance-optimized code for accelerators, which can be deployed using standard cloud-native orchestrators like Kubernetes?

Only one: Project Adrenaline, an open-sourced framework developed through collaboration between Altran and CableLabs.

Project Adrenaline is available on open source and offers a unique set of development tools for programmers to easily and quickly expand acceleration at the edge. Download this flyer to know more.

You can work with a company built for now, or you can with one engineering the virtual networking software of tomorrow.