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Furniture Engineering

Altran’s experience in this industry, combined with deep, practical expertise in digital technologies brings unique value to furniture engineering companies. We understand each stage in product design and development and how to accelerate it with tools and technology. Expertise in IoT, cloud and other technologies lets us bring a constant stream of fresh ideas and solutions for smart furniture features and office solutions. Our experience with the complex business processes of furniture engineering organizations allows us to adapt quickly to company workstreams and increase efficiency at each stage.

Altran is the ER&D choice of furniture industry leaders for end-to-end furniture engineering and manufacturing support. Unlike most outsourcing alternatives, we offer an ideal blend of technical expertise, industry experience and a deep understanding of digital technologies needed for efficient design and engineering of smart products. Download this brochure to know more.

You can work with a company built for now, or you can with one engineering the virtual networking software of tomorrow.