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Insight Catalyst Platform

According to a report of Global Market Insights published in Feb 2020, the precision medicine market size exceeded USD 57 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 11% between 2020 and 2026. The rise in online collaborative forums in developed economies towards the adoption of gene therapy and increasing usage of big data analytics for personalizing therapies in developing economies are considered to be key growth drivers for the precision medicine market.

Traditionally medical images such as Xray, CT Scan or MRIs are used for analysing patient diseases. These medical images are stored and exchanged confirming to Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) standard. Modern AI/ML approaches are performed on medical images to accelerate triaging. Algorithms to construct patient specific models from these medical images using rapid automated workflow systems are usually proprietary and limited. These algorithms can be executed as a sequence of steps in a pipeline.

Solutions, with the ability to create sequenced pipelines using algorithms spanning different functions and correlate the outcomes from them, are disconnected and it requires significant effort to tie them together to support decision making. To address scenarios such as these, a flexible, configurable and scalable pipeline sequencing and execution solution is required that can process inputs of different sizes and from different sources in other or multiple locations.

Altran’s Insight Catalyst for next generation healthcare analytics is a solution for practitioners to define and execute configurable pipelines visually with control over data and algorithms. The solution uses a container based approach that supports consistent deployment to different environments. The containers representing processing programs/algorithms can be distributed to be executed in multiple physical computing environments. The data, components used for their processing and algorithms are treated as replaceable configurable components managed through configuration to allow the ongoing development and modification.

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