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Metro Ethernet Forum Services Controller Framework

Today, most communication service providers use Network Management Systems (NMS) to set up L2VPN connectivity between customer sites. However, the NMS does not have a macro view of the network topology, so it needs to be fed the complete topology graph.

Metro Ethernet Forum Service Controller Framework applications automatically discover the network topology using the LLDP protocol, which precludes the need to feed the topology manually. The Altran MEF Service Controller Framework provisions MEF services between customer sites in line with the Software Defined Networking (SDN) Architecture. Point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint services, can be configured using this framework in a cloud-centric, intuitive and user-friendly way.

The framework configures MEF service between PE switches over the MPLS network using well defined service models by transforming service request into device specific configuration. Open interfaces like NETCONF and OpenFlow are used to provision the network elements. The device capabilities and topology can be dynamically discovered during the initial session establishment.

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