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Next Generation Networks are Rapidly Changing Customers’ Applications Are you Ready?

5G and Next Generation Cloud Based networks require enhanced network orchestration and service creation features. As a result, applications and solutions need to adapt and take advantage of these new capabilities and demonstrate network awareness and intelligence.

Network awareness can be an opportunity or a threat.

Industrial and Enterprise solutions will likely lead the evolutionary leap forward with new consumer based applications generating new revenue opportunities. Ultra-fast data rates, ultra-low latency, and device-to-device communications, together with edge cloud computing, will revolutionize network service and application capabilities.

This has led to the shift in Communication Service Providers (CSPs) towards Cloud applications, which are expected to provide advantages against OTT players while matching their speed of delivery and cost of WebScale applications. These new virtual equipment providers are called Network Software Application Providers (NSAPs). To know more about the benefits, please download this flyer.

You can work with a company built for now, Or you can work with a company engineering the software of tomorrow.