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Let's Engineer the Future

Let's Engineer the Future Together

Working at Altran

Altran makes up the largest and most innovative engineering and R&D services provider in the world. We invite you to join a forward-thinking team that is driven to make change. Work with high-performing engineers, designers and developers to gain industry-leading skills. At Altran, you will collaborate on cutting-edge engineering projects and engagements for some of the world’s most influential companies. We invite you to join our team, take on exciting new challenges and engineer the future.

Altran Culture

We continually invest in our employees and establish a consistent learning experience across teams and locations. Our employees engage with new technologies and work across disciplines through our global mobility and job rotation programs.

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Altran Culture

Advanced Technologies

Altran product life cycle services and technology solutions help clients solve their most pressing issues. We work with clients anticipate industry disruption and transform products services to complete in the digital era.

Altran Careers