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Altran helps Beroe build the world’s largest digital procurement community – Beroe LiVE

Since its inception 14 years ago, Beroe’s focus was on providing bespoke intelligence to procurement functions of large organizations globally. The inventor of the procurement intelligence market, Beroe was also the market leader with over 40% market share, when it decided to disrupt its own business by democratizing procurement intelligence – giving it away free to any procurement professional in the world.

The idea was to create a platform – loaded with 12 years worth of market intelligence and arranged by niche category, buffer it with thought leadership and other curated content and invite procurement professionals to access the content by becoming a member of the community. The procurement-only community would help solve users’ problems collectively while providing Beroe the ability to crowdsource inputs on benchmarks, price, costs and supplier ratings. This was envisaged as the largest single online collection of procurement professionals in the world.

Beroe selected Altran because of its strong technology and delivery expertise in developing web-based portals, business intelligence solutions, and its experience in cloud and analytics. In the initial phase, the Altran team gained an in-depth understanding of the complex requirements from the client to develop a customized, agile solution. Altran provided the skills and capabilities required to develop this solution in a very short period. As a result, Altran was able to work on tight deadlines to deliver a best-in-class solution.

The solution is based on cutting edge technologies including Microstrategy, Piwik Analytics tools and AWS cloud features (such as Amazon VPC, EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS, Elasticsearch, EBS, AutoScaling, Management console, Cloudwatch).

You can work with a company built for now or you can innovate with one engineering the solutions of tomorrow at future speed.