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Software Defined Storage, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Over the past few years, the enterprise storage sector has evolved at an unprecedented pace as innovative technologies and architectures continued to transform data storage into data management. The explosion in data, data-based decision-making and the shift to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are the underpinnings for modern software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and software-defined storage (SDS). Enterprises that fail to keep up with these innovations are at risk of lagging behind in the race.

Altran Enterprise Storage services has a complete range of storages from cache to cloud. Our solutions include software-defined storage, flash storage device engineering and data management of modern datacenters. We are currently developing innovative solutions for accelerated storage, NVM Express (NVMe) management and open-source-based storage.

Altran SDS capabilities include:

  • Storage interfaces and related protocols – direct attached, network attached and cloud
  • Storage persistence modes – block/volume, file systems and object storage
  • Storage management – SMI-S, enclosure services, NVMe management interface and orchestration for OpenStack
  • Integration and certification – reference architecture design, interoperability and certification
Enterprise Storage Service

Altran helps customers chart a new course that will lead them to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions and innovative enterprise-storage solutions. We bring deep expertise and experience in NVMe storage technology, storage IO acceleration, secondary storage management and open-source software-defined storage solutions.

Enterprise Storage Service

Our Services

We provide product engineering services and frameworks for software-defined storage, flash storage and primary storage, with deep insight to data management and secondary storage.

Some of our services include:

Storage Acceleration

Altran has deep experience accelerating the storage stack. We enable accelerated erasure coding, encryption and compression on general-purpose GPUs, Intel CPUs and other hardware platforms.

Metadata-Based Management

Altran has a metadata-based secondary storage management framework that can be tuned for application verticals.

NVMe Management

We provide product engineering services & frameworks for NVMe Management. We enable management solutions based on SCSI enclosure, native PCIe enclosure service etc.

Storage Infrastructure Validation Services

Altran brings deep expertise in test services for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructure, server middleware, datacenter interface management, platform software and containers.

We enable functional testing, performance testing, interoperability and application certification.

Our Differentiation

  • Behavior-driven test automation and test management framework for data protection and other data storage workloads
  • Storage solution acceleration for resiliency, compression and encryption based on X86 CPUs, general-purpose GPUs and FPGAs
  • Metadata-based management for secondary storage based on open-source Swift, Ceph and other software-defined storage implementations
  • Control-path solutions for software-defined storage and third-party storage support
  • Storage routing and gateway technologies for various use cases including cloud workload orchestration
  • NVMe/NVMe over fabrics management, development and test validation frameworks
Enterprise Storage Service