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Dissolving Industry Boundaries

The Internet services industry sets the bar for excellence when it comes to digital transformation and non-stop innovation. Internet-based services such as social entertainment, online news and media as well as personal communications are redefining the way we work and play. At Altran (formerly​ Aricent), we help clients navigate the rapidly-changing landscape of consumer internet services.

Whether it's incumbents such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google or new players like Slack, the revenue from Internet services such as social entertainment, e-commerce, online news and digital media as well as personal and enterprise communications, is a significant contribution to global economic growth. These companies are at the forefront of the digital era and set the standard in compelling customer experiences. 

The sector is also responsible for major technological innovation in smart and connected devices, mobile enriched services, real-time analytics, cloud-based content management systems, unified communications and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality platforms. 

We help Internet services companies keep pace with the fast moving technologies. Our deep experience in designing and engineering solutions that cut across industry boundaries allow companies to explore new product development while reducing risk. 

Global Consumer & Internet services Industry Solutions

Helping companies speed time-to-market, add sustained revenue streams and gain new audiences with state-of-the-art technology.


Our Services

Altran's product lifecycle services spans design, engineering, test, DevOps and operations. We help our clients adapt and keep pace with the changing industry landscape in solution architecture, application development and deployment, mobile, cloud migration, data, analytics, content management systems and software engineering.

Some of our services include:


Our continuous integration and delivery services help clients transform their software delivery process and accelerate the product release cycle time, while improving operational efficiency.


We help clients execute human-inspired design all the way from conceptualization to implementation on multiple platforms, form-factors and mobile devices.

Testing Services

We are a trusted partner with a range of companies from tier-1 independent software vendors to Internet service startups in the consumer software, media & entertainment, e-commerce service.


We help clients get ahead of threats by implementing state-of-the-art cyber security measures for embedded devices, system and application software, as well as IT/OT systems.


We help our clients in the entire lifecycle of cloud-based products and services - including full potential elasticity, horizontal/vertical scaling, resource virtualization, software-defined infrastructures.

Our Differentiation

  • Rich expertise in cloud engineering to transform software and digital platforms to hyper scale.
  • Technology solution accelerators to drive new revenue streams, launch new business models and reduce time-to-market.
  • Global technology centers of excellence to reduce risk and timeline to adopt technology.
  • Deep engineering skills in agile processes and automation to improve return on investment.
  • Our expertise in hardware and software engineering allow our clients to enter new markets by leveraging IoT.
  • Our unique engineering and R&D collaboration model helps reduce churn, add sustained revenue streams and gain new audiences.
Global Consumer & Internet services Industry Solutions