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Driven by the Digital Economy

In the digital era, software is a fundamental ingredient to value creation for any business. In fact, today every company is on their way to becoming a software company. Altran (formerly​ Aricent), is the partner of choice in building and maintaining enterprise software.

Software is critical to powering the next generation of consumer electronics and industrial equipment makers are relying on software for new revenue streams. Semiconductor vendors are going beyond the chip to find new value through IoT platforms and Software Development Kits (SDKs). Carriers and services providers expect software-defined infrastructure to fuel the next phase of growth. Every business is expected to release some form of commercial software, on-premise or in the cloud.

Amidst the digital revolution, the traditional packaged software industry is trying to get its bearings. The market is significant, around $390.51B in total worldwide revenue (IDC). The independent software vendor must stretch boundaries to include the digital customer. The key is to find a strategic partner to take over, sustain and enhance legacy products so that core development teams have the bandwidth to focus on new product development.

Enterprise Software solutions

Every company is in the software business and must constantly acquire the right competencies and skills for the digital era - DevOps automation, intelligent technologies and human-centered design thinking.

Our Services

Altran product lifecycle services span design, engineering, test and operations. We help our clients adapt and keep pace with the changing industry landscape in solution architecture, application development and deployment, system infrastructure implementation and software engineering.

Some of our services include:

Growth Strategy Design

Through frog, we help engineer software services and architectures for digital products and platforms that deliver on the design and business vision.

Experience Engineering

We help clients execute human-inspired design all the way from conceptualization to implementation on multiple platforms, form-factors and mobile devices.


Our continuous integration and delivery services help clients transform their software delivery process and accelerate the product release cycle time, while improving operational efficiency.

Testing Services

We are a trusted partner with a range of companies from tier-1 independent software vendors to Internet service startups in the consumer software, media & entertainment, e-commerce service.

Cloud Engineering

We help our clients in the entire lifecycle of cloud-based products and services - including full potential elasticity, horizontal/vertical scaling, resource virtualization, software-defined infrastructures.

Product Support

Our services include highly-skilled teams with multi-vendor, multi-technology experience and. delivery models that mix offshore/on-site tasks and partner ecosystems to deliver end-to-end scope.

Security Engineering

We help clients get ahead of threats by implementing state-of-the-art cyber security measures for embedded devices, system and application software, as well as IT/OT systems.

Our Differentiation

  • Over 12,000 engineers who know everything about software, from the way it is designed and engineering to how it is operated. Through thousands of R&D projects, we understand that the open source plays a dominant role, cloud is the new normal and DevOps is a means to accelerate time to market. 
  • With our business unit, frog we work in every industry and every product category, implementing the latest constellation of intelligent technologies, ranging from IoT devices, heterogeneous connectivity protocols, big data platforms and micro-services. 
  • Global delivery centers that are fine tuned for R&D collaboration and co-creation of effective business models. The R&D imperative is to replace declining revenue streams with services that are designed and engineered to perfection.
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