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Grow your future software and internet business with Altran

Just when you think the competition couldn’t get any fiercer, it does. Next-generation, data-driven, cloud-native companies innovate faster and are beating you to market. They empower their engineering teams to learn quickly and make decisions fast. They attract the best and brightest. It’s no coincidence they are building software that their users love.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place. The Altran Software & Internet culture was born in Silicon Valley and shaped by partnering with leading cloud-native innovators. Our agile teams know how to extract value from data and take a cloud-native approach to solve our clients’ challenges. We’ll gladly put our engineering talent up against the best in the business.

Altran—including frog, Lohika and Tessella—is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the brave new world of digital consumer and SaaS platform solutions to deliver value at every stage in the product life cycle.

Explore Altran’s world-class SaaS and digital consumer solutions

Whether you’re developing a next-generation consumer application or building a software-as-a-service platform, Altran has the technical solutions and experienced talent to help you get the job done fast.

Altran delivers growth at future speed across the product life cycle

Every product has a life cycle, be it a physical, digital, or hybrid product. And each stage in the life cycle requires a different focus and unique skill set to maximize the value of the solution. Altran’s holistic approach is purposely designed to serve and support our clients at every step along the product’s journey. Before a product hits its peak and starts to decline, Altran restarts the process to accelerate growth by bringing to bear our full suite of tailored services. Forget the end of life, in the new age of software, products are continuously being redesigned, refactored and renovated.

Figure 1: Every life cycle stage demands a unique approach to maximize value

What are the essential ingredients for success today? Speed of innovation, next-generation technologies and engineering talent. Altran provides them all.

Cloud is the present and the future

The battle is over. Cloud has won. Companies that embrace the cloud-native delivery model ship software faster, reduce risk and accelerate growth.

There is no big data anymore

It’s just data. Companies that are data-driven understand their customers more deeply, identify trends more quickly and use the insights to build competitive advantage.

AI is a must-have capability

Artificial intelligence is no longer a technology novelty, it’s a vital competency. From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is table stakes in the digital economy.

Talent is global

Spinning up engineering teams is time-consuming, costly and can delay time to market. Relying only on local, internal talent can even be an existential threat.

Altran digital services covers the

end-to-end product life cycle

Altran digital solutions encompass initial design, product ideation, prototyping, production, and product refresh and upgrading. We take the agile approach and bring the best engineering talent to the table to solve your toughest challenges and accelerate time to market.

Our Services:


Since its early days in the 1980s when frog worked with Apple to usher in the era of personal computing, our rallying cry has been “form follows emotion.”

Today, frog’s work goes beyond individual forms to include systems of brand, product and service while retaining the focus on emotion. We strive to create the world as it should be, which delivers experiences people love.


Tessella is a recognized international AI and data science consulting services provider with over 350 data scientists.

We partner with our clients to build exceptional digital business capabilities that connect people and data intelligently. With nearly four decades of hard-won experience across a range of industries, we are uniquely prepared for your toughest challenges.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Lohika partners with fast-growing VC-backed startups on strategic software engineering engagements, implementing everything from massive, business-critical data pipelines to highly scalable and extendible microservices architectures.

We enable seamless ramp up and delivery by mirroring the exact processes and engineering environments of our demanding clients. With more than 15 years of experience collaborating with some of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology companies, we have unrivaled insights into new and complex technologies and proven experience operating in demanding and rapidly changing environments.


Altran translates emerging trends into critical products and services that transform business models, create new revenue streams and engage customers.

Also, we provide ongoing support to help brands deliver and sustain product quality and performance throughout their product lifecycle. We enhance the experience at every client touch point to focus on long-term client relationships.


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You can work with a company built for now, or you can work with one developing the software and internet solutions of tomorrow.