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An Augmented Future: Applications for Edge Intelligence in Industrial IoT & Beyond

The Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 is emerging as one of the leading markets for communications service providers (CSPs) to provide not only connectivity but also value-added services.

In this webinar, Aricent and Heavy Reading explore the following technology areas:

  • Why artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and applications such as augmented reality and intelligent edge compute architectures are essential components of these value-added services.
  • Understand how the advancement in these technologies is impacting data models, and security aspects for device data tiering, analytics and workload divisions.
  • Learn how to leverage these technologies to create solutions for Industrial IoT and other verticals.
  • Understand the use cases in the areas of process improvement, industrial security, anomaly detection, equipment efficiency, predictive maintenance, worker safety, assisted repairs and several others.

View the webinar recording to discover how hosted models for CSPs can leverage the application of these technologies and the business-case rationales and factors that influence adoption in small and medium-sized operations.

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