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Achieving Agile Operational Support Systems (OSS)

This webinar highlights the drivers for transformation from legacy networks to NFV enabled networks for service providers. CSPs need to evolve their OSS systems to provide service innovation, agility and service chaining, while also remaining operationally cost-efficient. During the webinar we will also discuss about the key use cases for OSS Service Fulfillment and the variety of solutions available. In addition, we will also showcase a live demo on our technical solution “Lifecycle Service Orchestration”.

Traditional telecommunication network elements are designed to work in silos and cannot handle the dynamic capabilities that are powered by virtualization. Aricent's catalog driven and federated OSS Fulfillment Transformation solution allows a Communication Service Provider (CSP) to ensure that the existing (COTS/custom) fulfillment and inventory management solutions are transformed seamlessly without any negative business impact. The solution helps CSPs transform their processes and derive maximum returns on their legacy investments.

How to transform OSS for the future: Aricent’s approach

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) introduces a new set of operations management requirements in the area of orchestration and fulfillment. Concepts such as point-and-click service instantiation, elastic scaling, automated dynamic creation and deletion of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) based on the network demand, and automatic recovery following hardware failure just don’t exist in the traditional network environment. OSS fulfillment and assurance functions need to be transformed to be able to handle these NFV specific concepts. In this whitepaper, we summarize some of the key challenges and Aricent’s solution offering for CSPs looking to undergo this transformation.

Click here to download the OSS Whitepaper.

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