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Build, Operate and Monetize 5G Networks Together

5G is more than a next-generation communication technology; it’s a technology revolution. The question isn’t if 5G will be transformational, but when.

Network Slice Management by Self-organized Network

In 5G, network slicing is a new method for optimal utilization of RAN and core N/W resources. Network slice ensures that each user in a network gets the best QoS.

Can Your Cryptographic Module Meet the FIPS Gold Standard?

A Intelligent Switching Solution that can help your company satisfy the requirements for the widely used U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2.

secure cloud native fabric
Secure Cloud-Native Fabric for Continuous Hardening Through Goal-Based Security and Risk Management

The Altran SCF software framework and its components can be used to develop products and services that address goal-based security for digital products and ecosystems.

Security Validation for the Cloud and Enterprise Systems

Addressing security challenges in an enterprise or private cloud data center environment needs a comprehensive validation of security posture in its integrating components.