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Altran Adds OpenFlow to its Wireline Services Portfolio to Support Network Evolution

East Brunswick, NJ – November 27, 2012 – The Altran Group, a global innovation and technology services company, today announced the addition of OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking (SDN) software frameworks and services to its field-proven wireline communications portfolio. Among the first of its kind, Altran’s OpenFlow Client software and world-class product lifecycle services help telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) deliver the next-generation of OpenFlow and SDN products to power the networks of tomorrow.

To further solidify its strong commitment to OpenFlow and SDN technologies, Altran has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit consortium dedicated to the development and standardization of SDN. SDN, an evolving architecture that decouples the control and data planes, opens up the opportunity for rapid innovation and optimization of routing and switching equipment. OpenFlow is the leading SDN architecture driving the adoption of this new wave of telecom networking standards and concepts.

Altran offers over 20 years of telecom expertise to the ONF in support of the development of next-generation systems based on the SDN architecture. As a global leader in providing software frameworks and services for L2/L3 routing and switching equipment and solutions, Altran supports the Foundations mission to commercialize and promote SDN and its underlying technologies as a disruptive approach to networking that will change how any company with a network operates. Altran will help define architectural frameworks and technical standards, encourage the deployment of an SDN ecosystem, and accelerate the adoption of SDN technologies and standards, helping to make OpenFlow-based SDN the new norm for networks. As such, Altran will continue to keep its software and services offerings up-to-date with the latest SDN specifications.

“SDN has been gaining momentum and we have seen a significant increase in our membership as more companies, including global industry players, have embraced OpenFlow,” says Dan Pitt, executive director, Open Networking Foundation. “By utilizing open standards, member companies can provide a larger choice for customers to ensure better integration and interoperability between different players within the SDN ecosystem and accelerate the delivery of SDN's benefits to the market.”

Altran’s innovative OpenFlow Client software is a portable implementation that can be customized and deployed for both hybrid and pure OpenFlow architectures. The OpenFlow Client, in combination with Altran’s other leading software frameworks for WLAN, data centers, transport networks, and others, enables TEMs to develop high-quality OpenFlow and SDN controllers as well. In addition to its software packages, Altran provides OpenFlow expertise and services for the design, development, testing, and maintenance of OpenFlow and SDN networking solutions.

 “OpenFlow is a tremendous opportunity for network innovation and we are really excited about its potential applications. Our membership with the ONF further underscores our commitment, both to the technology and to our customers, towards cost-effectively co-creating cutting-edge next-generation networks,” said Sridhar Raju, Assistant Vice President and Head of the Wireline Communications Practice at Altran.

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