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Altran Extends its Leadership in LTE with New Partnerships and Customer Wins

East Brunswick, NJ, October 25, 2011- Altran, a global innovation and technology services company, today announced at the 4G World conference in Chicago multiple partnerships and a customer win, extending its leadership in 4G/LTE software.

Altran’s solutions help equipment vendors deliver innovative LTE products, both for radio access networks and the core of the network. The announcements made at 4G World include:

  • Altran partners with Cavium (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, wireless, storage, and video applications. Cavium has selected Altran to provide an LTE EPC software framework for its OCTEON Fusion™ processor family and the upcoming OCTEON III Processor family.
  • Altran partners with Picochip, the leader in small cell technology. Picochip has selected Altran to provide an LTE eNodeB reference framework (eNBF) to deliver high-performance base station solutions in multiple form factors, including femto, pico, metro, and micro-cell configurations. The carrier-class product is a complete solution design, from RF interface through to S1 and X2 interfaces, and includes Altran base station software integrated with Picochip baseband and silicon. The solution is available today for both LTE FDD and TD-LTE variants.
  • Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, a data networking company, has selected Altran LTE eNodeB software framework to deliver superior mobile broadband experiences. Axxcelera will license Altran’s industry leading LTE software to be a part of its broader LTE product range, covering all aspects from the EPC, eNodeB to high-performance user equipment (UEs).

Deployments of LTE, probably the single biggest investment made by wireless operators today, continue to increase globally to meet the unprecedented demand for mobile broadband services. This trend incorporates innovations such as advanced Radio Resource Management (RRM), SelfOrganizing Networks (SON), small cell solutions, and many others, which collectively provide increased capacity and data speed while reducing the cost per byte and overall expense of operating these networks. However, the development and deployment of LTE solutions presents some unique challenges for both the telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers. Telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) must find ways to develop new products in the fastest possible time, while service providers must deal with the planning, design, implementation, and operation of these new networks. Altran delivers innovation services across the entire LTE ecosystem, for both telecom equipment manufacturers and device vendors looking to accelerate time to market, and operators wanting to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) by monetizing these new LTE networks.

Altran’s LTE offerings include software jumpstarts and comprehensive product engineering services for equipment manufacturers to deliver products across the three most significant areas of LTE infrastructure:

  • Radio Access Networks – eNodeB: Altran’s Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocol stacks and eNodeB Framework have been optimized on multiple hardware and chipset families, enabling vendors to deliver eNodeBs of varying form factors, including femto, pico, micro, and macro-cell solutions.
  • Network Core – EPC: Altran offers LTE EPC protocol stacks and frameworks for the MME, SGW, and PGW. These feature-rich frameworks include support for QoS, high availability, lawful interception, and bearer-related features, enabling vendors to deliver distributed or co-hosted EPC solutions to address the scalability requirements from densely populated urban areas to sparsely populated remote areas.
  • Packet Backhaul: Altran’s industry-leading Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS) software framework offers Layer 2 switching functionality used to build LTE and IP backhaul equipment such as IP RAN Aggregation systems, Metro Ethernet, and packet microwave solutions.

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