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Altran Powered CPqD´s eNodeB Solution Goes for Field Trial in Brazil

East Brunswick, New Jersey and Rio de Janeiro, April 17: The Altran Group, a global high-value innovation and technology services company, today announced that their partner CPqD, one of Latin America's leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) R&D institutions, is starting field trials of its LTE eNodeB, which is powered by Altran's eNodeB software framework. CPqD is conducting the field trial for one of the largest operators in Brazil.

The Altran-CPqD LTE eNodeB solution features comprehensive LTE functionality and comprises layer 2 and layer 3 eNodeB software from Altran. The solution, operational on the 450 MHz band, is compliant with the guidelines laid down by the Brazilian regulation agency ANATEL.

The Brazilian regulatory rules defined that by December 31, 2015, all rural areas up to 30 km from the headquarters of all Brazilian municipalities must have LTE coverage in the 450 MHz band with voice and data services.

“Field trials are one of the most critical phases in a product lifecycle to determine the viability and usability of the solution,” said Pratyush Dasgupta vice president and head of wireless practice, at Altran. “We are committed to providing all the support necessary to ensure that the LTE solution performs exceptionally well when deployed commercially.”

“LTE has a tremendous growth potential in Brazil and is the most important focus area for CPqD” said Fabrício Lira Figueiredo, from CPqD. “We are delighted in continuing our partnership with Altran in this space to ensure that we provide the best possible solution to our customers.”

Brazil is the reference concerning LTE 450 MHz development and CPqD and its industrial partner WxBR are fundamental pieces to deploy such technology in rural area. “LTE is the most advanced broadband wireless technology and we are the pioneer in providing a complete LTE solution for 450 MHz band,” said Samuel Lauretti, president of WxBR.

Altran is a leader in providing LTE software solutions with more than 50 global LTE engagements, they have made investments in cutting edge technologies such as SON, VoLTE, RRM and LTE-A. Altran's software has been commercially deployed in some of the most demanding markets in the world.

About Altran

Altran (formerly Aricent) is a global design and engineering company innovating for customers for what comes next in North America and beyond. We lead our clients into the future by solving their most complex engineering services needs and mission critical software framework solutions. For decades, we have helped companies connect new things and scale with intention. We bring differentiated value to market faster in focused industries to help transform products, brands, companies and start-ups. Based in San Francisco, frog, the global leader in innovation and product design, is also part of Altran.

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About CPqD

CPqD is an independent institution focusing on innovating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In Brazil, the solutions provided by CPqD are used by several organizations and entities in the telecommunication, energy, finance, and other industries, in both corporate and government sectors. Having worked in the market for over 36 years, it relies on more than 1,400 highly creative and skilled professionals dedicated to achieving high levels of quality. Today, CPqD has the largest and most important R&D program in Latin America striving to make the country more competitive and advance digital inclusion, supplying the market with product technologies, mission-critical systems, technological services, and consulting services.

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About WxBR

WxBR is a high technology industry in the wireless telecommunication market, which has the mission to develop, manufacture and sell innovative products and solutions in broadband wireless access like LTE and Wi-Fi. Driven by two appraised Brazilian companies, Icatel and Padtec, and the strategic partnership with CPqD, makes the company able to offer product and services to support different market segments.

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