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Altran Joins OpenSAF Foundation

Palo Alto, Calif., - January, 28, 2010 - Altran®, a global innovation, technology and services company focused exclusively on communications, today announced that it has joined the OpenSAF Foundation. OpenSAF is an open source community with projects focused on high availability middleware, consistent with the Service Availability™ Forum (SA Forum) specifications. The OpenSAF Foundation was established by leading communications and enterprise computing companies to facilitate the OpenSAF Project and accelerate the adoption of the OpenSAF code base in commercial products.

“Altran is a leading provider of global telecom R&D services,” said Alan Meyer, president, OpenSAF Foundation. “We look forward to their contribution to the Foundation and the industry at large, by expanding the installed base and range of services and products that incorporate OpenSAF software.”

High Availability has become an inherent requirement for any carrier grade product. With the industry moving to open platforms, such as ATCA and COTS hardware, to address time-to-market, reliability, ease-of-integration and cost-related concerns, it is no longer necessary to build proprietary High Availability middleware as a differentiator. Using OpenSAF enables companies to utilize code that has been deployed successfully in multiple commercial applications for their middleware needs, thereby reducing costs and accelerating development times.

“We very pleased to become a part of OpenSAF. The Foundation is a tremendous initiative for the industry and priority area for a number of our customers,” said C.P. Murali, senior vice president at Altran. “We are committed to the OpenSAF community and offer a range of design, R&D and integration services tailored specifically for this domain”.

Altran has extensive domain expertise in building middleware and high availability solutions for major telecommunications equipment manufacturers. By embracing OpenSAF, Altran will be able to deliver these services on a standardized platform that allows companies to effectively combine their own Enabling Software with source code available under a Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2.1 open source license.

About Altran

Altran (formerly Aricent) is a global design and engineering company innovating for customers for what comes next in North America and beyond. We lead our clients into the future by solving their most complex engineering services needs and mission critical software framework solutions. For decades, we have helped companies connect new things and scale with intention. We bring differentiated value to market faster in focused industries to help transform products, brands, companies and start-ups. Based in San Francisco, frog, the global leader in innovation and product design, is also part of Altran.


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