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Altran and Octasic deliver LTE access and core in a box solution

Altran and Octasic deliver LTE access and core in a box solution

Solution to be showcased at the Defence and Security Equipment International [DSEI] event, from September 15 - 18, 2015, London

Redwood City, Calif, September 15, 2015 - Altran today announced the availability of a self-contained LTE in a box solution with Octasic. The solution runs on all Octasic multi-mode Software Defined Radio platforms, including the single-radio OCTBTS 3000 and OCTBTS 8000, as well as the dual-radio OCTBTS 3500. Altran LTE eNB Framework and LTE Evolved Packet Core solution powers the LTE in a box solution.

Altran LTE eNB framework software is a highly-optimized, flexible and deployment proven LTE small cell solution. It is used by clients to develop indoor and outdoor small cells ranging from low capacity to high capacity. Altran EPC Lite Framework is a deployment ready LTE core with standard LTE components HSS, MME, PGW, SGW and PCRF. Altran EPC Lite can scale from small to medium subscribers deployment. Altran VoLTE server framework is a compact and collapsed Call Session Control Function (CSCF) compliant to the GSMA IR92 standard. It interfaces with external IMS/SIP networks for calls to subscribers outside the network.

“We’re pleased to deliver with Octasic and LTE access and core in a box that includes OCTBTS platforms with Altran’s industry-leading LTE access and core network software. Altran’s LTE software has also been integrated into leading OEM solutions and deployed around the world,” said Rakesh Vij, Chief Business Officer, Altran. “Our field-proven LTE and 3G small cell solutions, LTE evolved packet core and VoLTE solutions are flexible and deliver optimized performance across a small form factor and special platforms like Octasic’s. The software solutions can scale to larger capacity and coverage across a range of indoor and outdoor network types in private and commercial settings.”

Octasic’s OCTBTS family of base station platforms are ready–to–deploy Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems powered by the OCT2224W small cell system-on-a-chip (SoC). The OCTBTS platforms incorporate Octasic’s flexiPHY layer 1 LTE software with Altran’s LTE layer 2/3, radio resource management and OAM components for LTE access and LTE evolved packet core components MME, PGW, SGW, and HSS; making this solution unique in performance, size, weight and power. The OCTBTS platforms support a wide range of frequencies between 400 MHz and 6 GHz as well as the 2G, 3G and CDMA2000 cellular standards making these systems deployable worldwide.

“A pre-integrated LTE access and core in a box solution are now available to our customers for a variety of applications in public and private networks,” commented Michel Laurence, Executive Chairman, Octasic. “We consider this to be a game-changer as it allows our customers to streamline the integration process for a vastly reduced time to market solution. The LTE OCTBTS platforms support up to 45 Mb/s aggregate and 32 active users per radio in extremely small form factors. They can be integrated into other systems, enabling our customers to deliver extremely high–value end solutions. We are rapidly adding new clients to our OCTBTS user base, and our latest solution powered by Altran’s high-performance software delivers a compact solution for autonomous LTE networks suitable for rapid mobile deployments.”

LTE access and core in a box solution at DSEI, London

Altran and Octasic are showcasing this solution at the Defence and Security Equipment International [DSEI] industry event, held at Excel Convention and Exhibition Centre in London from September 15 - 18, 2015. To see the LTE access and core in a box solution running on OCTBTS 3000 and OCTBTS 8000 platforms at DSEI, please visit Altran at booth N10-231 and Octasic at booth N7-184.

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