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Altran’s Leadership in Innovation, Design and Engineering is Recognized by Zinnov for the Fifth Consecutive Year

As R&D reaches a record US $1 trillion, Altran’s outstanding capabilities, R&D and market maturity are reflected in the latest Zinnov industry rankings.

Santa Clara, California - December 11, 2017, - Altran, a global design and engineering company, today announced that for the fifth consecutive year, the company has been recognized as an industry forerunner in Product Engineering Services (PES) by Zinnov. Honoring Altran’s outstanding market performance in innovation, R&D and design, the Zinnov Zones 2017 PES report positioned Altran as a leader in six key areas including Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Automotive and Semiconductors.

Altran has continued to invest in R&D and has strengthened its position in Semiconductor. The company has established a strong track record of delivering high-value PES and semiconductor expertise primed for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

With the deployment and integration of AI and Machine Learning (ML), the role of semiconductors in engineering has never been more important. Zinnov estimates that global corporate engineering and R&D spend in 2017 will have exceeded US $1 trillion. Some of the highest R&D spenders include Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft who are among a host of companies driving AI technologies forward - and the choices they make will continue to shape the semiconductor industry. “Zinnov Zones 2017 - Product Engineering Services” rates 40+ service providers on their product engineering prowess. Service providers are assessed based on multiple dimensions such as spread and maturity of delivery and services capabilities, scalability, growth rate, financials, innovation & IP, ecosystem linkages, and feedback from enterprise buyers. For additional details, please visit:

Frank Kern, CEO of Altran said: “We are honored that for the fifth year in a row, our commitment, innovation and our efforts to advance engineering have been recognized by Zinnov. We have helped some of the world’s largest businesses to maximize their ROI and develop products that have been shaped around customers, to deliver the best possible outcomes, and to deliver a positive impact to their bottom line. Our strategy continues to focus on staying ahead on the technology curve and delivering real value to our clients.”

“Altran’s strong competency in embedded and software capabilities has helped them win significantly in industrial automation, telecom and enterprise software verticals. Altran has a remarkable workforce in VLSI design. Altran’s core competency in embedded engineering makes it a partner of choice both in Telecom and Semicon verticals. The company’s specialization in devices and expertise on customer’s products helps them win large new age transformational deals across various verticals”, said Sidhant Rastogi, Partner & Practice Head, Zinnov.

In August, the Zinnov Zones 2017 IoT Technology Services report recognized Altran’s expertise in IoT. Zinnov positioned Altran as a leader in five major categories that emphasized the company’s rich heritage in innovation and design.

About Altran

Altran is a global design and engineering company innovating for customers for what comes next in North America and beyond. We lead our clients into the future by solving their most complex engineering services needs and mission critical software framework solutions. For decades, we have helped companies connect new things and scale with intention. We bring differentiated value to market faster in focused industries to help transform products, brands, companies, and start-ups. Based in San Francisco, frog, the global leader in innovation and product design, is also part of Altran.

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