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Press Release

Aricent to Become Altran

Altran, global leader in engineering and ER&D services, announces that starting today (April 4th, 2019), Aricent will be rebranded to take on the parent company’s name. The move represents a significant milestone in the integration of Aricent, which Altran acquired just over a year ago.

"We are proud to nurture our group with Aricent’s heritage. Operating now as one Group, under one global brand, strengthen our position with our clients; reinforce Altran’s attractiveness as an employer and is a major enabler of The High Road, Altran 2022 strategy. While Altran is our flagship brand for all ER&D services, we will retain two iconic brands, which have a strong equity: frog in design, and Cambridge Consultants in product development. This unified approach will further strengthen Altran’s position as the undisputed global leader of the ER&D services."

Dominique Cerutti

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Altran

Altran unveiled a new strategic plan titled “The High Road, Altran 2022” in June 2018, outlining how the group aims to increase revenues to €4.0 billion in four years by leveraging the combined organizations’ strengths in communications, semiconductor and electronics, and software & internet to accelerate expansion into other industries, such as automotive, energy, aerospace and defense, and life sciences.

Altran acquired Aricent end of 2017, with more than 10,500 employees before the transaction closed in March 2018, significantly expanding Altran’s leadership. As part of this transaction, Altran also acquired frog design: Altran and frog integrated earlier this year their design teams, developing further Altran’s capabilities to deliver outstanding and innovative design to clients.

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Press release:

Aricent to Become Altran