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Zinnov Confluence 2017: Keynote by Altran CEO Frank Kern: Competing on Speed

Altran CEO Frank Kern talks about - Competing on Speed: Bringing Intelligence to the Customer Experience - in a keynote at the Zinnov Conference in Santa Clara, CA. The theme of the event was The Spring of Artificial Intelligence: What it means for Automation and Engineering.

He focused on the 'must-do' R&D strategies that are being adopted by companies who have positioned themselves are being pushed to respond to the needs of customers and the fast pace of the digital era. He also shared insights from the new Altran Technology Vision 2017 coming in the next couple of months.

With over 300 attendees made up of technology companies and R&D leaders, and 20 speakers, the primary focus of the conference was:

  • Understand the pace and rate at which technology is changing the landscape and what we need to do to prepare
  • Share and exchange best practices and thought leadership around innovation and trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Provide a holistic view on how Engineering and R&D is shaping up and will transform in the future
  • Changes that our customers are experiencing and how we will address their changing business models with technology