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Delivering Trust and Value with Quality Assurance

The rapid growth in digital payment solutions, adoption of Internet of Things and the new realm of augmented reality are snowballing the challenges of independent software vendors (ISVs) in their ability to deliver robust quality solutions with end-to-end validation systems while accelerating time-to-market. The Altran consumer and internet testing services embrace machine learning as a comprehensive QA service harnessing intelligence, functional completeness, security and performance which boost ISVs with the tools to meet their challenges and deliver a competitive advantage.

Altran consumer and internet testing services are tailored for ISVs to deliver an immersive and secure experience that is scalable and evolves with the technology.

Intelligence is the latest addition to the testing services, applying cognition to automation, and deep-learning test case generators that unite analytics of social with historical-defects databases for application testing.

To improve efficiency, Altran applies innovative automation frameworks in gaming, consumer electronics and internet-enabled services by using DevOps, intelligent parsing and performance engineering services.

Intelligence is used for a variety of test areas: Machine learning (ML) provides defect prediction, test planning, test-case management and debugging.

Consumer and Internet Testing Service

Altran’s end-to-end accelerator automates IoT devices to mimic human validations, and natural language processing (NLP) is used for on-demand test execution of automation frameworks. Holistically, we integrate using DevOps to make testing features fast and efficiently.

Our SOA test frameworks benchmark capacity and tune applications by leveraging feedback from DevOps tools and implementing what is right wherever needed.

Altran’s intelligent consumer and internet test solutions reduce the test cycle time with deep understanding of data leveraged from ML and DevOps. We reduce the total cost of ownership by using open-source tools to improve productivity and accelerate delivery of cutting-edge software products and applications. Our cognitive test platforms use learnings and classify software artifacts to minimize cost and generate tests, not write them.

Intelligent Consumer and Internet Testing Services

Our Services

Our holistic quality assurance, innovation, defect prediction and end-to-end test domain ownership are the qualities that attract top-tier global consumer and internet software companies to Altran. It’s our execution that transforms them into long-term customers.

Our range of services include:


Altran’s self-learning enablers power a state-of-the-art classification framework that provides testing services that exceed industry standards. This includes:

  • ML used to capture and analyze training data, automation degree, supervision and time generalization.
  • ML used for control-flow graphics, test-case creation, analysis of execution data, coverage data and to provide software specifications.
  • ML techniques used for linear regression, decision-tree and clustering algorithms.


Altran is a keen investor in open-source platforms that provide the glue that binds our end-to-end testing services with software automation frameworks.

This investment is instrumental in providing a vigorous testing strategy, all-inclusive planning, execution and a rich reporting platform to deliver prompt and valid decisions.

Altran’s managed testing services enable clients to focus on their core business, while we take responsibility for providing end-to-end testing services including testing strategy, planning, execution and reporting.

  • Functional, regression and integration testing with end-to-end reporting
  • Test-driven approach, requirements validation and minimal viable product health reporting
  • Web, mobile, wearables and IoT-device accelerators

Automation of consumer goods requires human confirmation which can be automated with sensor feedback completing the full validation cycle.


Altran engineers have customized secure software systems and security engineering services for web, mobile and cloud-hosted applications.

Our highly automated vulnerability orchestration containers (HAVOC) build relational graphs of results to provide deep-link analysis.


The Altran performance engineering platform enables the development and QA organizations to run scalable and continuous testing for websites, or SOA-based or mobile applications.


Agile and DevOps ensures faster delivery of features and reduces software delivery time.

Altran offers agile and DevOps testing services to address the testing requirements across the complete software development lifecycle encompassing continuous integration, delivery and deployment. We use test automation to respond quickly to changing requirements and compress time-to-market for new products and services. Using our shift-left strategy, Altran’s agile and DevOps testing services help clients reduce operational expenses and improve quality through the early elimination of software defects and bugs.

Our Differentiation

  • Robotics integrated frameworks that bridge the human validation steps with the automation suite to achieve full end-to-end automation
  • Cognitive and machine learning led automation to enhance the automation suite through self-learning and generating test artifacts to minimize the test effort so the team can focus on other aspects of the application
  • A trusted partner to a wide range of companies from Tier-1 ISV’s, ISP to internet service startups in the consumer, media and entertainment solutions, e-commerce services and internet-enabled services sector
  • Agile and DevOps methodologies rely on a high degree of test automation to realize continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Altran’s continuous testing enabler and DevOps enabler allow the realization of highly automated software product delivery pipelines. Altran offers a unique cloud-based remote testing platform to facilitate mobile applications testing on multiple platforms and devices remotely
Intelligent Consumer and Internet Testing Services