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Using Intelligence for Effective and Efficient Testing

Sweeping changes in customer expectations fueled by frequent disruptive technology changes have forced enterprise software organizations to adopt digitalization and move to the cloud. Speed, agility and innovation have become the key competitive differentiators demanding organizations improve the quality of their solutions, reduce time-to-market and diminish the impact of business disruption on their end customers.

Altran enterprise software test services, driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are well positioned to address complex testing challenges, optimize testing lifecycles and provide high-quality deliverables.

Our cognitive test automation services along with reusable test cases aligned with domain-specific products, CI/CD compatible frameworks and a skilled engineering team infuse intelligence into the testing lifecycle to deliver quality-assurance efficiencies.

Automated test-case generation using model-based testing and behavioral tests across the automation framework assist easy test creation and uniform technology adoption within different domains such as web and mobile that simplifies the testing of complex applications.

Enterprise Software Testing Services

Altran’s intelligent testing solutions deliver enterprises with mature result parsers for quick debugging, mobile testing platforms, test-data generation frameworks, distinctive reporting and analytics capabilities, and cloud-powered on-demand parallel testing. Our AI/ML frameworks reduce debugging  efforts and deep insights in test case coverage provide critical business flows.

Enterprise Software Testing Services

Our Services

A leader in innovative test, Altran provides robust test automation frameworks, cognitive end-to-end testing, and ML-based test-case generators for efficient testing.

Some of our services include:


Business process validation ensures that the most viable product is available and ready to deploy.

This includes:

  • Business process validation automation and product life cycle testing, test case recommendation from vast pool of enterprise software tests
  • Authentication and authorization testing using data driven and high priority scenario identification using historical data analytics
  • Application upgrade, data migration, hot fix and software patch testing
  • License testing, database testing, configuration testing
  • Reliability, scalability and integration testing using High Velocity DevOps benchmark recommendations


We offer advanced test automation frameworks to address customer specific requirements and customize accordingly.

The frameworks include:

  • UI automation with keyword, behavioral and model-based methodologies
  • Test-data management and data generation for robust combinatorial scenarios
  • Shrinking of test cases using orthogonal and risk-based test approaches
  • DevOps with left shift and right shift


We deliver end-to-end testing lifecycle services for enterprise customers.

This includes:

  • Globalization and internationalization testing
  • Compatibility and interoperability
  • Integration, regression and deployment testing
  • Risk-based testing and SOA testing
  • Capacity planning and performance engineering
  • Security testing

Our Differentiation

  • Machine learning led test-case and test-data recommendations to improve coverage while reducing the effort
  • Distinctive reporting and analytics capabilities with DevOps tools to derive efficiencies and measure the effectiveness of testing
  • Mature result parsers to distinguish weak areas of an application based on historical defect trends
  • Open source automation frameworks to reduce licensing costs
  • End-to-end test validation expertise in ERP, CRM and SCM applications
Enterprise Software Testing Services