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Realizing the Value of Human-Centered Design

User experience is at the heart of the digital era, with the relationship between humans and machines being constantly redefined. Factory robots are able to co-mingle with employees to get work done faster. Wearables help workers in hazardous locations to understand their surroundings and helps keep them safe. AR/VR devices for gaming and productivity applications provide fully immersive experiences that blur the physical and the virtual.

While design thinking has sent a wake-up call to every company looking to remain relevant in the digital era - it’s not enough. Companies must find ways to effectively fuse engineering disciplines and the human experience - drawing from sensors, systems of systems and as much context as possible. That's easier said than done:

  • How to take advantage of human-centered design from conceptualization to implementation?
  • What are the latest technologies shaping the physical and digital blur?
  • How to ensure a seamless experience across digital interfaces?

We help our clients take human inspired design all the way from conceptualization to implementation on multiple platforms, form-factors and devices, solving challenges related to fragmentation, network, compatibility, usability, time-to-market and scalability.

HMI and mobile application development Services

Redefining the user experiences means being at the fore-front of the human-to-machine interface revolution from social virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture control and touch-based HMI's.

HMI and mobile application development Services

Our Services

Altran's product lifecycle services spans design, engineering, test and operations. We help our clients adapt and keep pace with the changing industry landscape in solution architecture, application development and deployment, system infrastructure implementation and software engineering.

Some of our services include:

Mobile Application Development

Altran offers services for development of applications on mobile devices which include native, hybrid and web apps.

  • Native App Development: Development of apps using native SDK from various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Provide services to support the ever increasing plurality of devices.
  • Hybrid App Development: Development of native apps using the principle of “develop once- deploy multiple times” with frameworks that support such features. 
  •  Responsive Web Development: Development of web applications that can be accessed from mobile devices with various form factors using HTML5/JS and supporting frameworks that enable rapid development and deployment of applications

Natural User Interface Engineering

Altran offers NUI engineering services to help our clients develop next generation user experiences in various applications using features such as Gestures, Speech, Motion and Augmented Reality.

Our services focus on developing new and/or leverage existing algorithms, SDKs and frameworks to build solutions to support NUI applications. Our enablers such as the Augmented Reality (AR) Framework help us to develop template based AR solutions faster. Our services encompass a holistic approach to identify the right NUI capabilities for a given context to help our clients envision innovative user experiences for relevant scenarios in their organizations

HMI Engineering

Altran offers NUI engineering services to help our clients develop next generation user experience.

Altran offers HMI engineering services that include GUI development and UX Design for various form factors.

HMI applications continue to evolve with ever changing technology.Some of other HMI engineering capabilities of Altran include synchronization and data collection from mobile devices, developing data oriented applications for various devices and developing backend platform for hosting pervasive data oriented applications on cloud. Our services help clients to develop differentiated UX in new and existing applications. Altran’s enablers in HMI focused on specific industries such as Automotive and Healthcare provide an opportunity accelerate the development of solutions and deliver to our clients predictablys in various applications using features such as gestures, speech, motion and augmented reality. Our services focus on developing new and/or leverage existing algorithms, SDKs and frameworks to build solutions to support NUI applications.

Companion Application Development

Altran offers development of Context rich Companion apps for mobile devices using sensors, location and environment context.

Services include developing applications that are required to either control the IoT devices, applications acting as the companion for the media devices or wearables, applications which help provide user interface to monitor the utlities, etc.

Mobile Quality Experience

Testing mobile apps is a challenging task due to the multitude of mobile devices available, need for testing apps on multiple form factors & multiple mobile operating system types & versions.

Altran offers comprehensive services to test the native mobile, mobile web and hybrid apps. Altran provide end to end testing services including Compatibility, Interrupt, Functional, Benchmarking, Accessibility and Usability.

Experience Strategy

Industries, brands, products, services and customers are more connected than ever. This creates powerful new opportunities for businesses to establish meaningful relationships.

Our Differentiation

  • Along with frog, we bring a number of disciplines together that sit at the core of all our services and offerings - design, technology, strategy and program management. 
  • Strong alliance with OEM/Silicon vendors/platform providers to deliver best solutions to our clients.
  • Significant experience in implementing new and complex solutions for our clients: 500+ million devices with enabling software solutions, award winning and 5-star rating applications
  • Subject matter experts across different application domains (Telecom, digital media, Consumer & Enterprise Software, Automotive, Internet Services and Industrial Automation) and digital enablement technologies (social, cloud, mobility, big data & analytics)
HMI and mobile application development Services