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Intelligent Testing of Connected Things

The industrial segment is poised for dramatic growth in coming years due in large part to connected ecosystems and the proliferation of Internet of Things devices in wearables, automotive, smart energy, home automation, machine-to-machine (M2M) and cloud-based applications. Altran’s industrial engineering capabilities and comprehensive intelligent testing solutions bring more than a decade’s worth of experience to help customers develop and test future-ready connected solutions that deliver significant return on investment.

The Altran intelligent testing solution for industrial companies is an innovative approach to deliver sophisticated customer experiences through digital transformation, intelligent decision-making and deep customer engagements. 

Altran’s expertise and experiences cover a wide variety of technologies including NB-IoT, V2X, M2M, LTE, 4G and 5G, BLE and Wi-Fi, with a focus on methodologies, innovations, techniques and tools to get IoT products to market faster.

The industrial testing service delivers an end-to-end connected solution from product inception to commercialization. The service enables our customers to lower operating costs, capture new markets and disrupt businesses with superior user experiences.

Industrial Testing Services

Altran’s industrial testing service has attracted many industrial customers for ongoing, long-term business engagements.

Altran’s intelligent industrial testing solutions are highly cognitive with intelligent integrated across a variety of devices, platforms, machines, IoT ecosystems and applications. Using AI/ML-based software automation techniques to create cognitive frameworks, Altran goes beyond standard testing to provide a high-quality end-user experience for connected IoT ecosystems in the industrial market. The solutions accelerate product time-to-market and deliver significant ROI.

industrial testing services

Our Services

Industrial leaders choose Altran as their primary choice for test because of our deep experience in automotive, platforms, smart energy, IoT and end-to-end solutions for the industrial market segment.

IoT Testing Services

Altran has been delivering clients IoT ecosystem test solutions for a few years and has become a leader in testing industrial IoT systems.

Our engineering and consulting services include well-defined intelligent testing solutions for applications across the IoT ecosystem, including home automation, smart metering, connected cars, digital payments and retail that use NB-IoT, Cellular, LTE, 4G, BLE, Wi-Fi, V2X, M2M, Zigbee and other technologies.

  • Device Testing - Modem testing, hardware platform validation, board support packages and device driver testing across platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and Linux, conformance testing, field-trials and operator pre-certification.
  • Connectivity Testing - Functional and load testing across various network conditions spanning connectivity options for a number of cellular technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE and 5G, IMS, Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, Wi-Fi and GNSS.
  • IoT Platform Testing - API validation, security testing and performance testing
  • Application Testing - Multi-channel UX validation, functional testing, performance testing and accessibility testing


Automotive and platforms that deeply integrate into the industrial testing services delivers compelling solutions for our clients.

Altran’s consultative intelligent testing approach enables industrial customers to leverage their offerings and create new test solutions.

A testing solution for the intelligent car

  • Infotainment Testing - Audio, multimedia, navigation, connectivity
  • V2X Testing - Ethernet control, CAN bus data, RF communication, collision control, emergency features
  • Connectivity Testing - Wireless: Wi-Fi, BLEU, SB/CAN/MOST, drivers validation
  • Digital Dashboard Testing - HMI, speedometer, navigation, display, resolution
  • CarPlay/Android Testing- Music, phone, messaging, apps, navigation
  • Telematics Testing - Driver assistance, sensors, vehicle tracking, eCalls (emergency)


The Altran engineering platform enables development and testing solutions to execute continuous testing for secured applications, connected devices and IoT ecosystem.

The application of tools, software and technologies converge to deliver a superior solution by integrating our platform with embedded applications for a variety of industrial market segments including automotive, smart energy, smart homes, smartphones and wearables. The platform lets Altran focus on multiples aspects of IoT testing areas and the connected ecosystem.


With IoT becoming an important market for industrial test, Altran is well positioned to provide automated, intelligent testing solutions with our AI/ML-based software-driven framework and tools.

To mitigate the issues around testing for the industrial market, the modern methods of mapping sensor data over secured connectivity protocols, which is an important factor taken into consideration for such automation and test solutions. This allows Altran to create robust automated test solutions for our client to reduce cost and time to market.

Model-based testing: automated test-script generation and execution based on high-level models

Intelligent Testing solutions

  • Test Case Minimization - Removal of duplicate, redundant and obsolete cases
  • Test Case Selection - Focus on selecting the cases covering the changed code between software versions
  • Test Case Adequacy - Answer the question when to stop testing; used as a guideline for formulating additional test cases
  • Test Case Prioritization - Identification of ideal ordering of test cases that enhances the rate of fault detection
  • Test Execution Postprocessor - Automated determination of the false negatives cutting down manual analysis of test failure due to extraneous factors such as test environment issues
  • Root Cause Analytics Analyzer - Automating the determination of the root cause of the bug allowing bug assignment to the optimal developer so the bug resolution can be initiated immediately
  • Chatbots - Integrated with a chat tool that addresses both synchronous and asynchronous distribution of information such a hyperlinks, screen captures and status updates

Our Differentiation

  • Robust and efficient software-driven intelligent testing and validation for Industrial applications
  • End-to-end system validation, testing and lab-management services
  • A proven record of delivering customer-focused solutions for evaluating and implementing new test methodologies that help industrial customers achieve their business targets quickly
  • Continuous improvement process to achieve optimal testing solutions by using various automation techniques and tools
  • Long-term onsite and offshore engagements in a variety of solution areas for industrial companies including wearables, automotive and IoT
Industrial Testing Services