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Creating New Mobile Based Services in an Interconnected Ecosystem

Lifestyles today require 24/7 mobile access to information from all sources: home, work, shopping, social through a variety of customized enterprise services. Delivering this information seamlessly while providing a rich customer experience requires development of sophisticated software solutions. Anything less is not an option.

Aricent’s software development services and frameworks provide solutions that are critical for next-generation interconnected mobile services.

These solutions include:

  • A foundational set of domain-specific components that provide end-user functionality that can be orchestrated into an end-to-end service.
  • An extendable analytics engine and associated provisioning interface for extracting and presenting relevant user and intelligent-device data, preferences and state.
  • A stateless software architecture that can be deployed in a cloud-based infrastructure as a dynamic, scalable solution.
  • Integration of machine-learning-based technologies to improve workflow efficiencies based on the end user’s context to their environment, business priorities, recent activities and other parameters.
  • A detailed, efficient DevOps process and services and agile-based development methodologies.
  • Contextual design and user-experience services tailored to mobile-based usage patterns.
  • Secure operating environments and communications stacks for intelligent devices.
Mobile Device Interconnectivity services

Altran's mobile application design services, analytics, and cognitive workflow technologies provide the foundational platform our customers require to build interconnected and mobile-focused solutions.

Mobile Device Interconnectivity Services

Our Services

Our Intelligent Workflow Applications Service blends software design and development services, analytics and machine-intelligence frameworks with cloud-based deployment architecture services, DevOps methodologies and automated-testing services.

Some of our services include:


Stateless and flexible microservices-based applications that can be easily hosted on public or private clouds.


Configurable and provisionable analytics engines and machine-learning augmented workflows that enable clients to accelerate development and deployment of intelligent applications.


Comprehensive design and development services to ensure the solution adheres to all customer functional and non-functional requirements including high availability and disaster recovery.

Provide services required to deploy and manage applications in public or private cloud environments. Develop and deploy services using DevOps continuous build, integrate and deploy methodologies including automated testing and integration.

Our Differentiation:

  • Experience in analytics, machine learning, cloud architecture and deployment for comprehensive intelligent application design and development services.
  • Experience designing complex operations systems and ITSM solutions
  • Expertise in developing and deploying DevOps tools and methodologies
  • Top-down design methodologies in line with new operations associated Intelligent Applications and associated Business Requirements
  • Large library of software frameworks appropriate for cloud deployment and will accelerate product deployment
  • Strong ecosystem partnerships with middleware vendors and open-source communities.
 Mobile Device Interconnectivity