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Achieving Software-Definition

Everything will be software-defined. Only then can a data center be hyper-scale to manage millions of virtual machines and billions of connected devices. The enterprise network can be ultra-responsible to various applications from web conference, messaging or video.

Though virtualization and software-definition, carrier service providers can also roll out digital services quicker to meet customer expectations. Whether it's a network, storage server or any product there is a new R&D principle:

  • A central control function with APIs for general policy or flow-based control over data
  • A virtual architecture that provides ease of deployment for network functions on commodity servers in a variety of packages
  • Usage of servers and switches with proprietary or open-source networking stacks (L2-4) that replace existing proprietary HW solution
SDN NFV Powered Product Engineering

Our SDN/NFV powered product engineering services help network equipment providers, carriers and service providers take full advantage of open-standard APIs and open-source technologies.

SDN NFV Powered Product Engineering

Our Services

Our SDN offering is a unique blend of enabling software, solutions, POCs coupled with expertise on hardware, server environment and open source frameworks that support the SDN and NFV based network transformation.

Some of our services include:

SDN Engineering

Enable clients to deliver adaptable and manageable networking solutions rapidly for orchestrating dynamic networks while improving the cost efficiency.

  • Application Layer
    • Development and porting of SDN applications
    • Integration of SDN applications with EMS/NMS and OSS/BSS
    • Migration of legacy network services to SDN Controllers
  • Control Layer
    • Development of southbound and northbound APIs
    • Development of plug-ins/adaptors e g. using MD-SAL/AD-SAL architectures
    • Development and integration using multi-vendor SDN controllers, including open source controllers such as Open Daylight, Floodlight, RYU or NOX
  • Infrastructure layer
    • Development of pure/hybrid SDN routers/switches
    • Development of Yang data models and adding support for NetConf/Restful APIs to routers/switches
    • Integration of pure/hybrid SDN routers with SDN controllers

NFV Engineering

Enable clients to deliver network service dynamic and a flexibility network, on commodity hardware that is required to serve the end user’s needs in the cloud age.

  • Virtual Network Functions
    • Virtualization of network functions
    • Migration of network services and applications to a virtualized architecture
    • Performance optimization and tuning of applications/services
    • Service chaining of VNFs
  • Management and Orchestration
    • Development of plug-ins/adaptors for integration with cloud controllers
    • Integration of virtual network functions with cloud controllers such as OpenStack
    • Development of NFV orchestration, deployment and automation frameworks
  • Infrastructure Layer
    • Development of hardware acceleration framework for virtual network functions using Intel DPDK/ODP
    • Porting to different hypervisors and hardware platforms
    • Creation of private/public cloud environment for deployment of NFV services

Validation and Deployment

Enable clients to deliver network service that meet the operational requirements to serve the end user’s needs in the cloud age.

  • Telco Cloud Design and Infrastructure Deployment
    • End-to-end implementation setup of private and hybrid cloud infrastructure using OpenStack and VMWare
    • Capacity planning and design infrastructure provisioning
    • Technology assessment, solution architecture and proof-of-concept development
    • Configuration of storage and computing Infrastructure, WAN and networking infrastructure
  • VNF Migration & Deployment
    • Design and development of VNF migration strategy from legacy to telco cloud
    • Provisioning, configuration and integration with VNF managers and orchestrators
    • Automation of VNF deployment, catalog management, identity management and resource management
  • VNF and Infrastructure Validation
    • Cloud infrastructure testing for auto-scaling and failover resiliency
    • Security and performance testing of VNFs
    • Data consistency and validation
    • Vulnerability scanning, fuzz testing and penetration testing. Active and passive monitoring of VNFs
    • Validating reliability of network services. Ensuring portability of VMs and stability of VM environment

OpenStack Integration

Enable clients to deploy OpenStack Clouds at scale and integrate third-party solutions within an OpenStack ecosystem and convert them into telco grade cloud.

  • Reduce Open Stack Integration Costs
    • End-to-end deployment and configuration of OpenStack based telco clouds
    • Capabilities to deploy different OpenStack distributions i.e. Red Hat, Mirantis and Canonical
    • Incorporate latest features from OpenStack upstream
    • Optimize operations, configuration and performance management
  • Integration with Third-Party Components
    • Integrate OpenStack networking with third-party networking solutions like OpenContrail, Brocade vRouter, Cisco Nexus 3172 ToR Switch, etc.
    • Integrate OpenStack with storage solutions like CEPH and EMC Unisphere
    • Integrate multiple databases and SaaS software
    • Deploy and validate hypervisors like ESXi, KVM, Xen and Docker
  • OpenStack Validation
    • Integrate your OpenStack environment with existing in-house OSS/BSS systems such as billing and monitoring
    • Complete end-to-end validation to enable high-value services and SLAs
    • Integrate and validate high availability, disaster recovery, networking performance and WAN inter-operability
    • Execute launch readiness testing for the production grade OpenStack deployment

Our Differentiation

  • Experience in software frameworks such as VNFs and switching and routing protocol
  • Unique platform engineering competency - BSP, device drivers, OS, hypervisors and cloud platforms
  • Proven track record with SDN controllers, switch infrastructure, test frameworks, device/service  modeling and fast evolving open source communities
  • Domain expertise in switch ASIC, CPU architecture, hardware acceleration of cryptography 
  • Strong ecosystem partnership with silicon vendors, middleware and open source communities 
SDN NFV Powered Product Engineering