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Resilience and Digital Trust

Hackers and adversaries will find a way to breach software and hardware. In turn, the design and engineering of products and services must be up-leveled in a hyper-connected and digital era. Whether it is field programmable devices, Wi-Fi mesh routers or a remote controlled home lighting system, there will be best practices for enhancing security measures.

Secure software and hardware product development is not an option. A breach can lead to loss of reputation, intellectual property theft, disruption in operations or financial loss. As everything becomes connected then risk goes up.

Attack vectors should be mapped and discovered early in the product development life cycle. However, given the creativity and persistence of advanced adversaries, it is more effective to assume compromise. The leading cyber defense practices call for a two pronged strategy: actively hunt for indicators of compromise and operate and survive during an attack. Our security engineering services help by focusing on secure coding and security testing as well as the implementation of active defense of devices, network equipment and application software.

We help our clients implement confidentiality, access control and identity capabilities to enable digital trust in M2M, SaaS and HMI applications.

Security Engineering

In a hyper-connected world there are growing examples of hackers finding their way into connected homes, factory assembly lines or a car’s power train. Any R&D-driven company that wants to succeed should see itself as a leader in security and privacy capabilities from digital trust, safety standards to cyber-physical security.

Security Engineering

Our Services

The security landscape that must be covered spans chip, connectivity to the cloud and ultimately the customer experience. Altran brings value across the entire value chain by identifying, developing and testing necessary security features and capabilities in devices, systems and network elements minimizing the impact of vulnerabilities and external threats.

Some of our services include:

Security in Agile Development

Security in Agile development is a structured approach to developing trustworthy and resilient software systems.

We offer services to develop secure software systems for embedded devices, gateways, network equipment, web, mobile and cloud/datacenter applications. Our experts recommend the use Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) framework to address security requirements and build more secure software applications rapidly. Our approach puts focus on threat modeling and security requirements early-on in software development lifecycle rather than relying only on vulnerability scanning and penetration testing after the product has been developed.

Secure DevOps & Penetration Testing

Our services to address adding security related plug-in (for static code vulnerability analysis) & practices (like code signing) the continuous development, integration, deployment.

We also help develop test automation framework for validating software against known top vulnerabilities identified by OWASP and SANS and also the vulnerabilities that are newly discovered frequently to avoid zero-day attacks. Manual and automated penetration testing is performed during product development lifecycle depending on the client’s business needs.

Cyber Security Features & Capability Development

Our expertise includes using security chipset acceleration techniques like AES-NI, QuickAssist etc and tuning of the security protocol stack for improved price-performance.

  • Product engineering of existing hardware and software with enhanced security features
  • Development of new products with embedded security capability
  • Roadmap acceleration of security products
  • Security vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Our security engineering expertise also include using security chipset acceleration techniques like AES-NI, QuickAssist etc and tuning of the security protocol stack for improved price-performance e.g., GPU based offload for SSL Encrypt/Decrypt, IPSEC processing, VXLAN Encapsulation etc.

Our Differentiation

  • Defense in depth expertise from hardening embedded systems, key and certificate management, network intrusion detection to attribute-based access control  
  • Deep know-how in SoC's, hardware boards, connected devices and networks
  • Software frameworks to accelerate security capability development in products and services
Security Engineering