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Unleashing Cognition

Altran’s intelligent testing is strengthening our world-class semiconductor engineering solutions, consulting services and state-of-the-art technology expertise. The cognitive approach of our semiconductor testing services is essential for managing the testing requirements of connected ecosystems.

The semiconductor testing solutions portfolio addresses ever increasing industry challenges using emerging technologies to ensure effective and optimized outcomes, meet industry requirements and achieve significant return on investment through innovation, seamless connectivity and integration.

The Altran intelligent testing solution is a paradigm shift in semiconductor testing services, delivering a compelling customer experience that is frequently updated to meet the challenges of an ever-changing testing environment.

Our testing solutions are automated, dynamic and intelligent, ensuring Altran customers’ testing capabilities are both future-ready and backward compatible. The solutions enable customers to get products to market faster, which drives business growth.

Altran’s world-class, end-to-end embedded testing solutions deliver the entire semiconductor product lifecycle solution, enabling our customers to achieve their goals and meet requirements for any product solution.

Semiconductor Testing Services

We have a large customer base and many long-term customers that value the testing services we offer to meet their needs in diverse environments. Altran provides engineering services to 17 of the world’s top 20 semiconductor manufacturers.

Altran’s semiconductor industry test solutions offer customers state-of-the-art cognitive technology and deep domain expertise for system verification, connectivity, telephony and IoT through automation frameworks and AI/ML-based software scripts and solutions. The solutions provide a high-quality customer experience using innovation, seamless device connectivity, and automation with intelligent testing solutions that enables our customers to accelerate time-to-market and achieve significant ROI.

Our Services

Altran’s strong focus on firmware, platform, systems and end-to-end solutions makes us the first choice for many semiconductor industry leaders.

Some of our services include:


Our expertise across semiconductors and embedded systems delivers best-in-class testing services for verification, functional validation and embedded software testing.

  • Platform validation
  • System verification
  • End-to-End solutions


Altran’s semiconductor test services are designed for industries that require end-product certification and regulatory compliance for their products before they are released to market.

We provide services in non-functional areas such as availability, security, scalability, performance and reliability including:

  • Pre-certification: conformance, PTCRB, GCF, Carrier
  • Modem validation: 5G, VoLTE LTE, 4G, and legacy cellular
  • Interoperability testing
  • Digital sensors: Wearables, smart chip


We offer a diversified portfolio of test automation for semicon services including different technologies & protocols that allow enhanced technological inputs for framework acceleration.

This enables us to rapidly deliver superior quality test automation solutions with robust and effective goal-focused methodologies. Our key accelerators include:

  • Wireless automation framework and accelerator
  • Platform validation tool (PVT)

Our Differentiation

  • Proven track record of approaching, evaluating and implementing new testing methodologies for wireless connectivity.
  • Continuous improvement process for building robust automation-framework accelerators to achieve optimal testing solutions.
  • Long-term onsite and offshore engagements with Tier 1 semiconductor companies in a variety of solution areas including mobile connectivity, wearables, automotive and IoT.
  • World-class execution of modeled managed testing, pre-certification, conformance and regulatory solutions.
  • Reliable, robust and efficient software-driven testing and validation for semiconductors to meet industry and compliance standards.
  • Commitment to innovation and thought leadership to achieve operational optimization across the end-to-end product testing lifecycle.