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Service overview

Systems and Silicon Development

Altran designs the board and hardware systems that deliver cutting-edge technology

You can partner with a company that offers systems development. Or you can partner with one that offers fast, leaner and smarter systems development.

Become seamless with cutting-edge technology.

Our services span silicon design, validation and verification of board and hardware systems to address the industry needs of the automotive, industrial equipment, consumer electronics and networking and telecommunication sectors.


Complete design to tested chip IP and SoC design services to build your product roadmap as an extension of your organization.


Our strong analog, mixed signal team enables you to develop or migrate mixed signal designs ranging from high speed SERDES to standard cell libraries, memories and power circuits reliably.


We deliver embedded SW & HW for a complete product. We help in complex programmable SOC’s, driver, OS, firmware and communications & multimedia embedded SW to FPGA

  • 1200+ VLSI experts working across digital and analog design.
  • Complete semiconductor design solutions to allow clients to focus on core competencies and not miss important market opportunities.
  • Demonstrable client outcomes in power, performance and cost improvements.
  • Leading-edge process node experience down to 10nm and below to help de-risk client projects and shortening time-to-market.
  • Strategic relationships with 17 of the top 20 semiconductor companies.
  • Ability to deliver a unique “customer to chip” propositions to clients across industries that need smart silicon and embedded software to accelerate their R&D initiatives.

Systems and Silicon Development

From chip to platform design, we help provide services for new product development, shorten time-to-market, increase derivative portfolios and drive revenue.