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Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud and Edge Computing

Aricent is now Altran, providing future-forward engineering software frameworks for cloud migration, development and management of next-generation edge computing solutions

The advent of 5G communications will enable a new generation of low-latency, high-bandwidth applications, from autonomous driving to IoT networks to remote surgery.

Altran's engineers are at the forefront of the 5G revolution with cloud-centric edge compute software solutions for network equipment makers and communications service providers that will fast track the next-generation of product roadmaps and bring these new applications to life at future speed.

“Projections for the mobile edge market are strong. The compound annual growth rate stands at around 35 percent, but some analysts predict it could grow to 50 percent in the coming years. Network equipment manufacturers and network providers must be prepared to adapt their business models to keep pace with innovation.”

- Shamik Mishra, AVP of Technology for Cloud Innovation, Altran

Cloud and Edge Compute Frameworks

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"You can work with a company making the software for today, or you can work with a company that develops for tomorrow in the cloud and at the edge."

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