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Data Center Switching Solution

Altran’s leading Data Center Switching solution and framework offers plug and play functionality for optimized performance and scalability.

Altran, a pioneer, and leader in Datacenter software engages with leading Communication Equipment Providers (CEPs) across the globe to provide an end-to-end Data Center switching solution that includes software solutions for Blade switches, TOR switches and Aggregation/Edge switches and routers.

Altran DSS includes comprehensive DCB, Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionalities. DSS software consists of DCB (DCBx, PFC, ETS, FIP Snooping, FCOE, VxLAN), Layer 2 (IEEE 802.1Q, MC Link Aggregation, LLDP, xSTP, EVB), Layer 3 (BGP, OSPF, ISIS, RIP, static TRILL, VRRP), Open Flow 1.3, High Availability, in Service software upgrade, Warm reboot and management (Netconf, SNMP, CLI).

Data Center Switching Solution


Our DSS reference framework includes:

  • DCB features - DCBx, FC, ETS, CN
  • EVB, FIP Snooping, Static Trill and FCoE
  • Overlay features like VxLAN and EVPN
  • Management features - SNMP, CLI and Netconf, GUI (Proof of concept)
  • Tight integration with Altran ISS layer-2 and layer-3 software
  • System features like high availability, ISSU, Warm reboot
  • Integration with SDN using open Flow 1.3
  • Reference solutions on data center switch silicons like Broadcom, Intel Marvell and Mellanox


  • Plug and Play Functionality: Flexible and modular architecture enables easy porting and optimization on any platform and seamless integration with third party software.
  • Optimized Performance: Customized to deliver optimal performance on several industry leading platforms.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable BGP routing solution, spanning tree instances and link aggregation instances.