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Internet of Things Gateway

Altran’s IoT Gateway middleware solution offers a flexible architecture that extends across multiple use cases to reduce time to market and total cost of ownership

The expansion of the Internet of Things has brought with it new use case scenarios forcing IoT solutions to extend across multiple domains. For example, a Smart Community solution can extend across building automation, home energy management, home automation, smart metering, and smart city domains.

Altran’s IoT Gateway middleware software framework solution is able to aggregate data from multiple devices and channels to the cloud and analytics infrastructure.

Our IoT gateway is configurable to support standards-based and proprietary northbound and southbound interfaces and supports multiple device management mechanisms, along with local application lifecycle management. The architectural flexibility of the Altran IoT Gateway makes it ideal for use in the cross-domain implementation of IoT use cases, including implementation of smart cities, industrial smart energy, smarter homes, and enterprise IoT applications.

Internet of Things Gateway

Software Framework Benefits

Our IoT Gateway offers extensive value to yours and our clients:

  • Reduces time-to-market by at least 4-6 months by pre-integrating multiple protocol interfaces and use case scenarios for home automation, smart metering and smart parking
  • Plug and Play architecture help address use cases of multiple segments as well as cross-segment use cases. 
  • Significantly reduces the time to add new protocol interfaces.
  • Portability across multiple OS and pre-integration with SoC platforms helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when deployed across multiple product lines.
  • Support for programmable edge analytics helps implement innovative use cases in a short frame of time

IoT Gateway Features:

  • Designed to support several use cases across various domains like Smart Home, Smart Energy, Industrial Automation, building automation and exposes REST API based SDK for application development
  • Compliant with the One M2M specification and uses the One M2M defined REST interface to connect to Cloud applications, also compliant with the security procedures defined by One M2M
  • The southbound interface supports Zigbee, WiFi, BLE, and PLC interfaces and can be extended to support additional interfaces such as 6LowPAN, Z-Wave, etc.
  • Runs on JAVA OSGi framework and is independent of OS and Hardware platform
  • OMA-DM is supported for Device Management including functions like software upgrade
  • Validated on various semiconductor SoC platforms like Intel Edison, TI Sitara, and Marvell Armada.
  • The middleware is pre-integrated with IBM  BlueMIx and supports MQTT based interface to the cloud
  • Our IoT Gateway is scalable to support any number of devices


Altran’s IoT Gateway software framework is here to help you move faster with end-to-end solution realization.

Download the White Paper: IoT Gateway

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