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LTE eNodeB

A Industry-leading access network: The eNodeB framework has a robust ecosystem, a flexible architecture for optimized performance, and an extensive interoperability for a accelerated time to market.

An industry leading eNodeB software framework that helps Communication Equipment Providers (CEPs) and Test & Measurement (T&M) equipment providers develop a complete eNodeB solution with significant time-to-market advantage. The software is also available pre-integrated as an OEM-ready reference solution on industry-leading L1 and silicon/hardware platforms. This is a widely deployed and inter-operated framework with over 70 OEMs having chosen Altran's eNodeB framework or reference solution on different SoC platforms.

The software consists of the following protocols stack/modules:

  • User Plane
    • Media Access Control (MAC)
    • Radio Link Control (RLC)
    • Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
    • Evolved GPRS Tunneling Protocol-User plane (eGTP-U)
  • Control Plane
    • Radio Resource Control (RRC)
    • S1 Application Protocol (S1AP)
    • X2 Application Protocol (X2AP)
    • Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
  • Management Plane
    • TR-069 Client
  • Application Modules
    • Cell and UE Control
    • Radio Resource Management (RRM)
    • Self-Organizing Network (SON)
    • LTE Operation Administration and Management (LTE-OAM)
LTE eNodeB


  • Release 10 Compliant
  • Supports both Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) and Time Division Duplexing (TDD) mode
  • Support for different network deployments – from femto to macro form factors
  • Carrier Aggregation (CA) with up to 2x20 MHz support in Down link
  • eMBMS
  • QCI 1 to 9
  • VoLTE ready (SPS, TTI Bundling and RoHC support)
  • Hardware-Assisted Security
  • Up to 4x4 MIMO support
  • eICIC
  • SON features
    • Network Monitoring Mode (NMM) and Auto Neighbor Relation (ANR)
    • EARFCN Selection/PCI Selection/Conflict Detection
    • MRO and MLB
    • RACH Optimization
    • Energy Saving
  • TR-069 and SNMP interface support
  • Release 13 features - LTE-LAA, LWA, LTE-M, NB-IOT
  • Integrated and optimized on high-performance hardware platforms from industry leaders like Intel, Texas Instruments, Freescale/NXP, Broadcom, Octasic and have also been ported/integrated onto other industry leading platforms


  • Robust Ecosystem: Software framework used by some of the industry leading eNodeB equipment providers and system integrators across the most popular hardware platforms. Altran eNodeB framework was chosen for world’s first commercially deployed LTE Small cell solution.
  • Flexible Architecture: Scalable and modular architecture enables easier customization and porting as per the customer’s target deployment scenario (small cell, pico/microcell and macro cell).
  • Rich Product Roadmap: Cutting-edge technology and latest features being continuously developed and integrated providing a rich product evolution roadmap.
  • Optimized Performance: Customized to deliver optimal performance on several industry leading hardware platforms to harness the true power of LTE.
  • Extensive Inter-op: Altran framework has been extensively verified for inter-operability with commercial core networks and UEs from different vendors/OEMs.
  • Time-to-Market: Standard external interfaces and seamless integration with third-party software across platforms provides a significant advantage in time-to-market.

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