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LTE in a Box

Our LTE in a box Core Network is a highly customizable solution for LTE network deployment in a diverse range of niche use cases from defense to public safety.

LTE has become the technology of choice for many niche scenarios because of its all-IP architecture, robust radio technology based on orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), high bandwidth, and low latency. Altran’s ‘LTE in a Box’ provides a highly portable and flexible solution for deploying LTE networks in such niche scenarios as defense, search and rescue, public safety and rural environment. Given that there is not always a very high number of subscribers in these deployment scenarios, a macro LTE solution is not an optimal option. Traffic usage pattern in these cases is also entirely different from macro commercial deployment. Moreover, network infrastructure in these cases needs to be flexible and highly portable. ‘LTE in a Box’ is an ideal fit for such use cases, providing both voice and data services for a variety of special deployments.

Altran’s enabling software for ‘LTE in a Box’ is comprised of its eNodeB and EPC (Evolved Packet Core) enabling software. The software has been integrated with a small form factor, available in 2 different formats: on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PC hosting Octasic’s OCT BTS 3600 platform; and On Octasic’s OCT BTS 8000.

Connectivity - LTE in a Box

LTE in a Box


  • Authentication of subscribers that are locally configured; Can also interface with external networks for authentication
  • Data synchronization from centralized servers
  • Voice connectivity and call support through PSTN network with the ability to fall back on 3G networks for voice calls​
  • Messaging can be provided through external application servers Support to the user equipment (UE) External applications can also be placed on the same box​
  • System control through web-based management for monitoring and controlling the network​
  • Remote connectivity provides connection to multiple distributed networks; at connectivity failure, fallback to provide remote connection

Use Cases

The ‘LTE in a Box’ can be leveraged by communication equipment providers to develop customized LTE solutions for niche markets:

  • Disaster Management/Search & Rescue - Can be used to build networks during disaster management when macro services may be down due to a calamity
  • Defense - Backpack solutions in defense for enabling LTE networks especially when portability becomes very important
  • Enterprises - Small and medium enterprises can deploy local LTE networks for employees and guests
  • Neutral Hosts - Can be used as a neutral host that can be leveraged by multiple service providers for deploying a network within an enterprise or in a building
  • Greenfield Rural Deployments - The offering can be used to provide local connectivity in small rural areas, in case the connectivity with central servers is lost


As a pioneer and leader in LTE software, Altran is engaged with leading communication equipment providers across the globe to offer such benefits as:

  • End-to-end product engineering services including consulting, design, development, integration, testing, support and maintenance for all engineering needs
  • Deep expertise in the LTE domain across devices, Radio Access Networks and packet core
  • Extensive partner ecosystem with leading chipset and platform vendors
  • Offerings that have a neutral host and deployed in some of the most demanding markets across the world.

Download the case study: Development of a 'LTE-in-a-box’ Solution

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