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Mobile Fronthaul Switch Framework

The framework is complemented by Altran’s 4+ decades rich experience in wireless and radio technology serving Tier 1s, smaller players and startups successfully across the world.

Altran’s software framework offers a disaggregated solution for fronthaul and fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul switches.

The software framework uses a hardware abstraction layer to integrate on any COTS, open or proprietary hardware platform depending upon the need. The Altran software framework leverages Altran’s proven NOS (Network Operating System) software that has seen more than 15 years of deployments in networks worldwide. The software framework provides manageability for the Fronthaul/Midhaul/Backhaul switch through open management interfaces including modern Netconf/Yang models as well as traditional SNMP/CLI models. The hardware and vendor agnostic nature of the software framework, together with Altran’s partner ecosystem, helps OEMs and NEPs to optimize both software and hardware R & D budgets and cycles, thus greatly accelerating time to market without huge upfront capex outlays.

Mobile Fronthaul Switch Framework


This software switching framework solution supports the following:

  • Radio interfaces and Radio Over Ethernet - CPRI, eCPRI, radio over ethernet mapper/demapper, structure aware & structure agnostic modes, Hi-PHY and Low-PHY modes
  • Time Sensitive Networking - time aware scheduling, frame pre-emption
  • Time Synchronization - IEEE 1588 (Boundary Clock, Ordinary clock, Transparent Clock), SyncE, 802.1CM and 802.1AS-Rev telecom profiles
  • Layer 2 switching - VLAN, Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP, MSTP, PVRST), Link aggregation, LLDP, multicast control (IGMP/MLD Snooping)
  • Security - 802.1x, ACL, MAC-Sec
  • OAM & protection - Ethernet OAM, redundancy, path/ring protection
  • Segment routing - interworking between segment routing and IP/MPLS, OSPF extensions, IS-IS extensions, LFA, RLFA, SR-T1/LFA
  • System Features - ACLs, QoS, H-QoS, Port mirroring, Service mirroring, IP Source Guard, DHCP snooping, Uplink Failure Detection, Linkup Delay
  • System Monitoring - FAN, LED, PSU, Temperature, CPU, Memory
  • Management - Netconf, SNMP, CLI, DHCP, SNTP, Radius, Tacacs+, SFTP, TFTP, DNS, ZTP, Syslog, monitoring, Telemetry


A full featured IP/routing/MPLS software stack provides further leverage to support different deployment models for fronthaul or anyhaul solutions. The Fronthaul switch framework will be supported on white box models from partners. The software framework is integrated on Broadcom’s Monterey Radio over Ethernet switch platform, and can support other partner FPGA platforms as well. The figure below shows a block diagram view of the software framework.

Download the Brochure: Mobile Fronthaul Switching Software Framework

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