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Optical Transport Network

The Altran OTN software framework is the first of its kind and a game-changer for OEMs and service providers in the optical transport market.

As Optical Transport Network (OTN) continues to gain momentum as the technology of choice for long-distance, high-capacity, resilient transport networks, providers need to keep up while guaranteeing that service levels stay high availability and resilient. Altran’s OTN software framework is a highly cost-effective solution that allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate development of next generation OTN equipment.

Software Benefits:

Our framework supports the building of variety of products, including pure optical switches, packet optical transport equipment and multiplexers. Various price-feature combinations can be supported via the same software foundation, leveraging the end user’s investment across a portfolio of products.

In addition to the strong technical and cost benefits of the OTN software framework, Altran offers a variety of complementary software frameworks including software frameworks for packet networks in the access, edge, aggregation and core networking space, as well as solutions for Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) orchestration.

Optical Networking Expertise

Optical Transport Network

Product Features:

OTN network element software framework

  • OTN management functions based on standard ITU-T G.7710, ITU-T G.874, ITU-T Rec. M.3100, ITU-T G.694.1, ITU-T G.709 requirements
  • Chassis based infrastructure software, operation, redundancy and manage different elements of chassis e.g. controller card, line card, switching fabric card and timing card
  • Interfaces to pre-integrated 3rd party control plane software including GMPLS
  • Provisioning of native OTN (OTU2/2e, OTU4), STM64 & 10GE/100GE mapped to OTN, and FC800/FC1200 mapped to OTN clients
  • OTN configuration, fault, performance, topology and security configurations
  • Manageability through Netconf with interfaces to Confd framework
  • Support for ODU0/1/2/2e/4 switching & grooming with one stage multiplexing, ODUk APS SNC-N
  • GMPLS - Service (ODU0/1/2/2e(over ODU4 trail)/4) provisioning over DCN
  • User defined explicit routes for service LSPs
  • 1+0 (Unprotected), 1+1 (Protected) < 50 ms switching for max 32 services per Line card, with APS, 1+R (Restoration < 600ms) with support for failures max 4 services per line card, 1+1+R (Protection and Restoration, known as permanent protection) with Restoration < 600ms for max 4 services per line card, with support for failures
  • Graceful Restart & Control Card HA (Active Standby), with Graceful Restart
  • Graceful Restart/Insertion/Removal of Switch Fabric
  • Support scenarios such as port shut down (Laser), Line Card Insertion Removal and Failure
  • Timing Card reset/remove/insertion/monitoring HA status
  • Forced Abort of GMPLS services signaling
  • Integration layer for Broadcom SDK configure Broadcom and PMC devices for datapath switching and OTN framing
  • Software Installation/Upgrade

NMS software framework

  • Management platform for OTN nodes to support above capabilities of Altran OTN Software Framework Release 2.0
  • OTN Transport Network configuration, fault, performance, topology and security models
  • Backup of NMS DB and Manual Restore of Configuration through script
  • Integrated with OTN Software framework for operations and feature enablement

Download the WhitePaper: The Optical Transport Network

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