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Virtual BNG Software Framework

This networking software framework is referenced on select partner hardware platforms, and flexible to support integration on other hardware platforms.

Network operators are reinventing the access network to be more efficient, programmable and agile, so that they can evolve rapidly to meet subscriber demand.

The Altran software architecture to disaggregate hardware and software components, around abstraction layers, to leverage the latest in economical and high-performing hardware, allows OEMs and NEPs to meet the new network demands, and thereby deliver to operators, the ability to design agile and programmable networks.

One such software framework offered by Altran is for a disaggregated solution for virtual BNGs (Broadband Network Gateway). The software architecture allows the flexibility to choose different hardware platforms based on ASICs or FPGAs or a combination of these, or even a software datapath. Depending on the deployment requirements, the forwarding plane can be selected to address higher capacity forwarding requirements such as NG-PON OLT aggregation, or moderate capacities such as with Fixed Mobile convergence.

Being a virtualized solution, the Aricent vBNG brings in the advantages associated with NFV deployments - ability to be managed by an NFV orchestrator with life cycle management, support high availability and load balancing across a set of virtual instances. The hardware and vendor agnostic nature of the software framework, together with Altran’s partner ecosystem, helps OEMs and NEPs to optimize both software and hardware R & D budgets and cycles, thus greatly accelerating time to market without huge upfront capex outlays.

Virtual BNG Software Framework


This Altran software framework supports the following features:

  • Subscriber sessions and Management
  • Address Management
  • IPoE
  • PPPoE
  • Subscriber authentication
  • Multicast snooping and management
  • Basic IP Routing
  • Traffic Management       
  • Lawful Intercept support
  • Support for NFV orchestration
  • Support for VNF lifecycle management
  • Health monitoring
  • Redundancy
  • High Availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Load balancing
  • Flexible datapath scaling
  • Support for troubleshooting and field debugging
  • Software Upgrade

Download the Brochure: Virtual BNG Software Framework

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