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Consumer Internet Services
that Move at Future Speed

Setting a high bar for the consumer-facing digital experience

Consumer companies of all stripes must have a digital hook to attract, engage and grow their consumer audience. It’s a fundamental customer expectation. Without it, the future is bleak. But creating a new digital capability that complements an established physical product is no easy task given how fast the technology and your competitors are moving. That’s why many consumer companies today are transitioning away from legacy systems and outdated business practices and starting with a blank sheet to develop a tight connection between the digital and physical products that together can scale and evolve.

A successful transition requires expertise in a set of complementary capabilities: exceptional design software innovation, a scalable, robust platform, data processing pipelines and AI expertise that together connect the physical devices to the cloud and deliver outstanding user experience. The unique expertise that spans all of these areas was assembled through a series of acquisitions over the last few years under the Altran umbrella. That includes frog for product design, Lohika and Altran for software innovation, and Tessella for artificial intelligence and data science.

Leverage the Altran Advantage

Altran has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and results that seamlessly connect the digital and physical worlds.

Consumer Case Studies:

A Large Global Home Furnishings Company

Engaged with Altran to design, develop and deliver solutions that merge the digital and physical worlds for a smart lighting product and the in-store shopper experience. 

The Altran smart lighting solution included designing and developing the light fixture, the home gateway, a supporting cloud platform, and the end-user mobile app that controls the light. The in-store mobile app provides an e-commerce experience that allows customers to skip long check-out lines. Both applications are leading the way for the company to create new revenue streams and enhance the customer experience.

A well-established coffee company

with a rich 25-year history of tailoring every cup of coffee to their customers decided to launch their own online sales services. Digitalization of the whole brewing process consisted of three mobile applications backed by cloud-native services.

The Altran team designed, implemented, tested and released the project to the public, as well as performed production rollout support as the service grew and gained users. It took six months from first code commit to the first online coffee cup purchase. The release of the project was a significant milestone in the company's history.

The widest range of consulting and engineering services:


Growth Strategy, Customer Experience Design, Venture Design, Solution Identification, Technology Roadmap.


Technology Consulting, Engineering Operations Consulting, Product Consulting.


Platform Engineering (Cloud Migration, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment, Microservices Migration, Serverless), Platform Expansion (Integrations, Public APIs), Data Processing and Analytics, Mobile Applications and SDKs, Scalable Web.


Expert Systems, Intelligent Processes, Conversation Interfaces, Image and Vision, Cognitive Agents, Autonomous Robotics, AI Infrastructure Engineering.


Product Life Cycle Extension, Product Transformation, Global Engineering Transformation, Cloud Managed Services, Test & Support Services.

Our Differentiation
  • Born in Silicon Valley , with clients around the world, driven by design-led software innovation and transformation instead of product sustenance and maintenance. The Altran’s holistic approach is purposely designed to serve and support our clients at every step along the product’s journey.
  • Altran works with leading innovators as their core clients, implementing everything from massive, business-critical data pipelines to highly scalable and extendible microservices architectures.
  • Global engineering centers that enable seamless ramp up and delivery by mirroring the exact processes and engineering environments of our demanding clients.
  • Over 12,000 engineers from embedded to cloud and end-user applications and 1,000 strategists and designers who know everything about software, from the way it is designed and engineered to how it is operated.
  • Through hundreds of engagements, we take complex core development in dynamic and fast-changing environments as a routine, cloud-native approach for granted and call data without the extracted value “useless.”

You can work with a company built for now, or you can work with a company that engineers the digital consumer solutions of tomorrow.