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Unified Tracking Solution (UTS)

Unified Tracking Solution (UTS)

The Power of Location Information - Stay Connected, Stay Located

Altran's Unified Tracking Solution (UTS) is an end-to-end hardware and software integrated platform that provides location based tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments. This platform facilitates real-time tracking and provides location services like navigation of people, assets, vehicles, shipments, and pets using mobile devices or tracking hardware.

Why UTS:

Real-time tracking and navigation

  • Positioning system that collects data feeds from the tracking devices or mobile and interprets the location in real time
  • Shows the real time tracking of the device on the indoor floor map or geo map
  • Historic data of device movement
  • Provides navigation paths based on the current location
  • Asset tracking to know the locations of physical assets real-time
  • Fleet tracking for tracking vehicles and shipments to improve visibility and control

Floor map integration

  • Manage venues where location services have to be enabled
  • Manage indoor layouts of different floors using floor map
  • Configurations and positioning of various beacons deployed on each floor
  • Collect and use fingerprinting data to improve location accuracy

Geofence and point of interest

  • Define geofence and point of interest on the floor map
  • Notification and alerts of events happening because of people entering and leaving the geofence
  • Geofencing with automatic notification features for increased security if someone enters or leaves the area
  • Compliance to asset binding that requires the assets to remain within a defined geographic area for compliance reasons
  • Alerts in cases of any route changes from the planned routes for vehicles and fleets


  • Analysis of the location data for interpreting location footfalls, heatmap
  • Insights from historic data on places of interest and frequently visited places
  • Data services for integrating with external applications
  • Promoting in-store assistance with the help of the app

Altran UTS’ experience-oriented design, technology, and delivery is focused on making lives easier, simpler, and productive. Whether you’re on the map or off it, UTS helps you stay found and connected-always.

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