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Building in Leaps
and Bounds:
Prioritize Progress Over Process

The Big Read

The Aricent Technology Vision focuses on the latest trends in rapid execution that will help companies gain the upper hand in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.

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Success comes from constantly innovating. It’s built on the ideas pioneered by people.

The 2018 global economic outlook is bright. Global wealth is rising and most forecasts call for solid economic growth for the major developed and developing nations. But as the world economy embarks on a period of synchronized growth, competitive forces in the business world are intensifying. And power is consolidating in a handful of mega digital companies that benefit disproportionately from the commercialization of a raft of new technologies.

Last year, our 2017 TechVision explored product development strategies in an environment where long-standing brand allegiances were crumbling fast. Today, the competitive landscape is even more fierce. The diversification of businesses like Amazon and Alibaba demonstrate a new corporation-as-armada approach to growth, which can seem unstoppable. Rather than a simple, consistent map of competition that allows for a methodical approach to product innovation, anyone can be disrupted from any direction at any time.

Our 2018 Tech Vision addresses a key question about execution: How do you innovate in an environment that is complex, fast and in flux? Our insights are drawn from Aricent’s engagements with successful companies at the forefront of R&D that are writing—and rewriting—the rules of great execution.

At the core, these companies are prioritizing progress in everything they do; to establish multiple competitive advantages, to win over developers, to make customers happy. But moving fast is just part of the answer.

To keep the momentum going companies are doing four things to stay ahead: freeing up problem solvers to innovate, dismantling command-and-control structures, capitalizing on the use of artificial intelligence while being mindful of the unintended consequences, and organizing around the initiation of new ventures.

The 2018 Aricent Tech Vision provides insights into what’s necessary to make steady progress. We look forward to helping you succeed in a time of great opportunities.

Photo of Frank Kern
Frank Kern
Chief Executive Officer
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Walid Negm
Chief Technology Officer