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Hardware Acceleration at the Edge with Project Adrenaline

Hardware Acceleration at the Edge with Project Adrenaline

The world is rapidly moving toward a realization that an unlimited number of devices will generate massive amounts of data needing to be processed in near real-time. Altran has been investigating this problem through Project Adrenaline, a co-innovation partnership with CableLabs, wherein we jointly developed open source software and collaborated on proofs of concept. In this webinar with Light Reading, we focus on how clients can leverage Project Adrenaline for building a cloud-native, end-to-end model for application development, deployment, and monitoring of hardware accelerators – essentially creating an accelerator-as-a-service.

Key topics include:

  • Use of GPUs, FPGAs, and smart NICs to improve performance and reduce cost
  • Head end transformation for MSOs
  • 5G, CBRS and private LTE for service providers
  • Low latency networking using programmable devices & hardware offload
  • Run analytics, Cloud gaming at the edge


Shamik Mishra | Vice President, Research and Innovation, Altran
Randy Levensalor | Principal Architect CableLabs
Alan Breznick | Contributing Analyst Heavy Reading

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