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Cloud Enablement

The goal of NFV/SDN for service providers is to lower the cost of ownership of the network, create an agile network infrastructure, and increase service delivery velocity. Service Providers transforming to SDN/NFV are facing several challenges during the journey, such as training, coordination, automation and security.

Altran has designed and developed an architecture model to address the challenges of the transformation journey. Altran’s experience in open source frameworks, partnerships with the

leading open source technology partners in enterprise and telecommunications, translates into being the right partner for digital transformation and evolution.

Altran has developed expertise, certifications and extensive partnerships that provide the right tools enabled by the agility of open source and supported for carrier-grade enterprises and service providers on-going maintenance requirements.

Download this Whitepaper to know more about how Altran’s solutions leverage open source frameworks to help our clients move forward in their journey to digital maturity.

You can work with a company built for now or you can innovate with one engineering the solutions of tomorrow at future speed.