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Cybersecurity in Automotive

The increasing capabilities offered by connected computer systems enable a wide range of features and services. But with them comes the threat of malicious attacks and where the systems controlled are vehicles or vehicle related systems, the consequences of failure can be severe and the number of potential targets is large.

As with many industries, the automotive sector is becoming increasingly dependent on computer technologies to provide the performance and differentiating features expected of its products. The growth of connectivity and devices which can be updated in-situ makes in the security of such technologies (cybersecurity) crucial. Addressing automotive cybersecurity requires facing a number of challenges that are specific to the industry and which serve to make the cybersecurity issue more difficult than in some other industries.

Security, and specifically cybersecurity, is an increasingly urgent issue for the automotive industry, as systems become more technologically complex and the threat environment also becomes increasingly capable and sophisticated.

This paper discusses some of the key challenges that are specific to automotive and particularly difficult to manage compared to other industries: safety and financial impacts notably. Download this paper to read more.

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